Incognito: Matteo Greco, Editor in Chief – The GREATEST


It could be said that we live in an age of the digital, an age in which the printed magazine is becoming obsolete. That would be of course if one hasn’t travelled to Italy and lusted over the many niche magazines lining the stands. With social media and the World Wide Web delivering a sea of online publications, finding one that caters to your niche needs has never been easier. However finding one, which delivers innovative work with a quality finish, well not so much. You can’t blame a fashion nerd for questioning the masses of self-titled stylists, creative directors and writers popping up quicker than the sun rises. And let’s not forget that magic little thing that happens when you hold, sniff and obsess over a freshly printed fashion publication – yes we are those people! And like all Italian made fashion names – The Greatest Magazine delivers that kind of magic.

The biannual print and digital magazine for men is the kind of publication that makes you wish you could wear men’s clothing – or run out and get your significant other a fresh set of threads. Featuring both male and female talent, the magazine is the kind of publication, which caters to the fashion enthusiast at heart. We went behind the scenes and asked Editor in Chief, Matteo Greco, to tell us a bit more about his role in THE men’s magazine to watch.

Occupation: Editor in Chief and Fashion Director of The GREATEST.


Tell us why the magazine is the greatest?
“Great” means above average. GREATEST means the top; which is something we try to achieve each year, twice. The GREATEST is/means epic!

My life in journalism started:
In 2008 when I graduated with a Philosophy & Literature degree. I immediately started working in a fashion magazine as a fashion editor.

The role of an Editor in Chief is all about:
It is all about coordinating with all units, in order to create a book with one vision: a minimal, young, and intellectual magazine.

Describe a typical day for Matteo:
I am not a typical person, so every day is different than the other. One day I can be doing research, another I can be conducting an interview, supervising or styling a shooting and so on.

Working to tight deadlines, talk us through that:
My job is very stressful. Deadlines are a major cause of this stress. However, it is a must to have them, and so I work on respecting them as much as possible so the job is completed.

What is the best part of your job?
As I already said, everyday is a different day. And actually this is the best part of being an independent Editor. I regularly meet new people for new collaborations. I travel frequently and see new places in the world. There is always something new to learn and discover and so share with the readers.

What is your favourite interview to date?
My favorite interview was with Levante (Italian singer), 3 years ago. She is a very interesting and friendly person and I am a big fan of her.


What is your interview style?
The interview style that I prefer is the same as The GREATEST; I like it casual but embracing many point of views of the same issue held in depth.

Describe your staff?
Young but with great talents.

What is your work ethos? 
Honesty first, a great value I hold in my relationship with my staff and of course with my readers.

Growing up, what did you always dream you would be doing?
I always wanted to be the kind of person who is able to reach his goals and be happy.

Who would you love to work with?
I would like to work with the photographers Willy Vanderperre, and Ben Toms and Beyonce!

Favourite edition?
I have two favorite editions: The GREATEST #1 which was quite an achievement. I just founded a magazine!! And The GREATEST #10, which is the latest issue, because as I grew in experience, the magazine grew as well, on all kinds of professional levels.

Issue #1