Incognito: Myri Pavlou – Paolo Sebastian, seamstress

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Paolo Sebastian magic, and for those who are yet to experience that euphoric feeling that lingers in the air long after the last gown has made it’s way down the runway – the best is yet to come.

With a beating heart in Adelaide and an endless case of wanderlust, the high-profile couture label has been showcasing the caliber of South Australian talent on a global stage for the better part of the last decade. A feat that has not gone unnoticed with designer Paul Vasileff being named the 2017 Young Australian of the Year for his contributions made to the industry. But while it could be easy to lap up the recognition he so wholeheartedly deserves, Paul has always backed the team that has been with him from the beginning and joined him on his journey. Admirably grounded and intrinsically loyal, the young couture king has continually professed his gratitude to his dedicated and hard working team.

Ahead of the Paolo Sebastian: X exhibition presented by the Art Gallery of South Australia, we asked Paul to take us behind the seams and introduce us to the women that make it all possible. Amongst them, we spoke to seamstress Myri Pavlou to find out what it means to be part of the Paolo Sebastian family.

Name: Myri Pavlou

I have worked with Paul for: 4 years.

I was educated at: (Or I learnt my craft through). My mother was a self-taught seamstress, so growing up she taught me a lot about dressmaking. I later studied fashion design at TAFE SA.

How did you end up in Paul’s studio? A friend of mine was working at Paolo Sebastian and recommended me. Paul called me in for an interview and the rest is history.

The Paolo Sebastian brand to me is: Family. I am fortunate that I get to work with an incredible team of people who genuinely care about each other and their work.

Embroidery is all about: Delicate details that tell a story.

What is the most difficult technique to master: Couture in general can be difficult to master, as there are a lot of detailed techniques involved. At Paolo Sebastian it’s safe to say that we don’t take any short cuts. Instead, we emphasize on intricate handwork, which is certainly a lot more time consuming, but ensures all pieces are finished to the highest standard.

What is your favourite piece you have worked on? My favorite piece is the high-collared cocktail gown with gossamer wing embroidery from our Gilded Wings AW16-17 collection, which we showcased in Paris last year.

Why does this particular piece hold the most meaning to you? This is my favorite piece because there was so much work put into it. I remember hand sewing the gown right up until the campaign shoot. There was so much pressure to complete it in time, so you can only imagine how rewarding it felt seeing the finished product on the model.

How many hours were involved in creating that piece: It’s hard to say as we worked on the gown both here in Adelaide and in Paris, but easily two to three weeks, not including all the embroidery work.

 For Inspiration, I turn to: The Paolo Sebastian team because when we all work together we achieve some amazing goals. Seeing the collections and client pieces come to life is always inspiring.