Incognito: The role of a model scout…

Role call: model scout.

We have all heard the stories. Those life-changing moments of genetically blessed models minding their own business, going to buy a coffee at their local haunt or boarding a bus only to be picked up by a model scout and as the story goes, the rest would be history. Could one imagine a world in which Sarah Doukas didn’t cross paths with a scrawny 14-year-old Kate Moss at Kennedy airport in 1988? Or, even more so, if Sarah hadn’t seen potential in this 5″7 blossoming model. One would dread the thought. And herein lies the art of being a model scout.

Maud Kerzendörfer, owner of Global Models Inc does just that. In an increasingly competitive field, in which social media has blurred the lines between model and influencer, Maud is on the lookout for the next big name. In an industry in which ‘uniqueness’ is celebrated and a social media following is as important as feet and inches, the role of a model scout has never been more complex, rewarding and challenging.

Here we ask Maud about what catches her eye…

Describe your role as a model scout?
As a model scout my job is to find new aspiring models. I scout both online and in the streets. You constantly keep your eye´s open for the next amazing face, it is not a 9 to 5 job

With the likes of social media taking over the world, how has this changed scouting the next ‘big face’?
Today when social media has a huge impact, it has become important that the models are active in their own channels like Instagram and Snapchat. Some clients even put the amount of followers of the models social media as a priority for a booking. My company Global Models Inc has started a new division with social media influencers where we act agency and book them as models. Some of these influencers / models don’t have the measurements the business requires but they have a huge amount of followers that some clients values more than the “right” body measurements

Most popular place/platform for scouting?
I scout alot online, especially at our own platform for applying models but also out on the street and in shopping malls

What faces have you scouted in your job to date?
I have scouted a fair share of models, being in the business for over 25 years. The most successful model I have scouted is Ville Sydfors. Me and Johan, a scout from our team spotted him in the streets of Stockholm. Ville’s first job ever was a Steven Meisel shoot for Vogue Italia. Which is amazing! He was recently promoted at NY TIMES as one of the eight male models to watch this season!

What do you look for in women?
Uniqueness and something that stands out. And for me a healthy body is very important, personally I think there are too many skinny models out there today

What do you look for in men?
The same – I love diversity!

What is the look of the modern day model?
I don’t find there is an over all look today, uniqueness is always right. Ville Sydfors is a great example

How has the model look evolved since the supermodel era in the 1990s?
Unfortunately the models of today are skinnier than they were in the 90’s. I find this very negative and the measurements enquired today are making the business unhealthy. In the 90’s the models had a more classical sexy look, today you can see a lot more diversity amongst the models, both men and women

Who do you believe is the model of the moment, and why?
Lucky Blue Smith, he is huge in social media and has a unique cool look that girls and boys around the world fall for

Define supermodel:
Today we don’t have supermodels like we had before like Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and so on. Today’s supermodels are stars in social media like Gigi Hadid, Lucky Blue Smith, Kendall Jenner – among others.