Lifestyle: 5 reasons we swear by magnesium oil

When it comes to matters of beauty and health, there are two kinds of women. In the first boat you have those rare creatures that will treat their skin and bodies like the temple that it is. You know the kind that get 8 hours sleep, have a beauty regime that reads longer than a Jane Austin novel and will workout 5 times a week while wearing sun hats during a 24-degree day. Then you have women from the opposite end of the spectrum who will only workout when a good sale forces them to. The kind that only ever sleep more than 5 hours a night when on holidays and who happen to drink two litres of water a day, only when diluted in coffee. And skin? Well heck, there is Botox and fillers when the times comes…

I happen to belong in that second sinking boat and only ever look to jump ship during that usual June mark when a Europe vacation is around the corner. Panic mode usually sets in about three weeks out from the departure date when I begin to take desperate measures to change my dehydrated, prune like appearance and undefined and unused muscles in record time. This is usually broken down into spending a month’s worth of wages on a personal trainer, miracle elixirs and any supplement you can think of. The plus side to all this is that I usually discover at least one or two products that remain on rotation even when I change back into a prune. This time around, that product was the Salt Lab magnesium oil.

Now before you think… random… hear me out. Going from no gym to 5 rigorous sessions a week takes its toll on those unused muscles and trying to change an unhealthy sleep pattern can be more stubborn that moving those love handles. But magnesium oil happened to change the process in 5 very real ways. To all my fellow lack luster beauty devotees, here are the 5 very real reasons you need to start a love affair with this miracle oil too.

The time-poor massage solution

Now, while any regular gym devotee will tell you that muscle recovery is as crucial to your progress as those squats, who really has the time to go to the gym and to stretch it out as god intended. I will be the first to admit, I am always open to a short cut or two and magnesium oil more than delivered. As luck would have it, magnesium oil helps fight inflammation, raises antioxidant levels and replenishes the muscles. In short, massaging a generous amount into my calves after my boxing classes felt like Christmas morning when Santa delivered the goods.

The guilt-free sleeping pill

Whether it was those daily gym visits of the fact that magnesium helps calm the nervous system, but a nice hot shower followed by a little magnesium oil in the lead up to Europe meant that I was getting 7 hours of sleep a night. For those that know me, that is a miracle bigger than my conversion to the Harry Styles fan club.  But don’t just take my word for it – listen to science. Magnesium aids in the functioning of GABA receptors, which are vital to calming neurotransmitters that the brain requires to switch off.

The energy boosting supplement

Now let’s talk energy, and not the double espresso kind. As a vital nutrient that is already naturally involved in many important physiological processes, magnesium levels are crucial to energy production and keeping our cells healthy. After a week of nightly magnesium oil massages, I found that I no longer needed that 7th coffee to keep me going at 4pm. Coincidence? I think not…

Let’s talk skin baby…

Hydrated and glowing skin is not as easy to moisturising three times a day because as it turns out, beauty really is skin deep. With masterful absorption properties, magnesium acts as a humectant, keeping the skin deeply hydrated and flexible. I mean, if we’re really being honest, it made the thought of getting into a bikini about two fold less scary and my scaly elbows a thing of the past.

The cheap therapy session

When you work two jobs, want to undertake a beauty overhaul in 3 weeks and have a trip to plan and pack for, the word stress becomes your background noise. It’s really a yearly occurrence, when that vacation you are planning actually turns into your main source of stress. Yet this time, things were different. Whether it was taking those extra 10 minutes to wind down and apply the oil every night, whether it was the relaxed muscles or the added sleep – but this time I felt like I was in cruise control.

To all my fellow time poor, boss ladies, do yourselves a favour and inject this supplement into your beauty regimes. It’s no gimmick. It’s science baby!