Lifestyle: How to actually achieve those popular New Year’s resolutions

It’s mid-January and you have already broken every New Year’s resolution you had written in your brand new Dolce and Gabbana diary. Because a serious dent in your credit card was a solid investment given that it was going to get you closer to kicking those 2017 goals. But as the story goes, you woke up on the 1st, with your face still on from the night before, rolling into the kitchen (hopefully your own) and made yourself a double espresso while you contemplated life and that pounding headache. Before you knew it, it was mid-January and you were still trying to quit sugar, your love life and the closest thing you had achieved to exercise was giving your credit card a workout during the end of season net-a-porter sale. Self-control? Forget it. But you now own some banging Gucci loafers and have resigned to the fact that when it comes to your New Years goals, it was never meant to be.

The good news? You are not alone. The even better news? It’s time to lighten up a little. New Year’s resolutions don’t come with a January expiration date. Truth be told, we don’t want you to change and be boring either trendsetter. When it comes to a new and improved you, it’s all about small changes that will make your year and life more enjoyable. Now to add the cherry on top of the cake (which we will permit you to eat), we have enlisted celebrity trainer and guru, Amy Rosoff Davis to talk you through 5 achievable resolutions this year.


I want to reduce my caffeine intake

Cutting down on caffeine can seem daunting, but believe it or not, you will find that you have more energy and you will experience less up’s and downs if you let your body find it’s natural rhythm.

Get pumped full of a good nights sleep and limited or no caffeine. Years ago I switched to black tea instead of coffee because of stomach problems. I found the “high” from tea much superior to the coffee buzz. Tea has magical qualities- it energizes you whilst also relaxing you. It has a tonne of benefits including immune boosting and anti-inflammatory qualities, antioxidants and a lot more. In the morning I like to drink a cup of black tea with a splash of raw milk and a little honey, or a cup of delicious Oolong tea or Gen Mai Cha.

I also start plenty of mornings with NO caffeine and just have some warm water with lemon or mint tea-which weirdly acts as a placebo… my body feels like it had caffeine just from drinking a hot liquid. Try adding some fresh ginger to your hot lemon water. Or fresh mint leaves. If it still seems too scary to leave your cup of joe behind, try cutting down to one cup in the morning and a hot tea in the afternoon- green or black. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day – caffeine dehydrates you.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Geoff Wilkinson / Rex USA KATE MOSS KATE MOSS IN PARIS, FRANCE - 1993 CAFE DRINKING COFFEE

I want to exercise more – or I want to be able to jog, not just walk

Your journey to cardio doesn’t have to be painful and tedious. Start small with intervals and mini workouts and build your routine up. If you set an attainable goal, you are more likely to stick to it.

Alternate jogging and walking, then running and walking, then make yourself go faster, then longer, then add elevation, and so on.

If you lead a busy life, try and set aside 10 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day to work out. When you add it up, that is 30-40 minutes of exercising. Try to be active as much as you can during the day. It feels great and then your workouts are like little bonuses. One week try a new class, then try another, then hike with a friend, then give yourself goals and stick to them. Do all this step by step and day by day. Don’t just make big plans to workout for one week, make being active a part of your lifestyle.

I want to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet

Lots of processed food is full of additives and sugars that you aren’t aware of. Make sure you look at the ingredient list before you buy – if you can’t pronounce it, do you really want to eat or drink it??

Sugary drinks, juices, and sodas are full of extra calories that are easily avoidable. Try drinking water with fruit (citrus or cucumber) or herbal tea (it’s caffeine and calorie free). I love to make fresh mint tea with fresh mint leaves. You can have it hot or make a big pitcher and put it in the fridge. I also love water with lemon and cucumber, it is so refreshing and also good for you.

Skip foods with partially hydrogenated soybean oil or things that are genetically modified. Treat your body like the temple it is – keep it clean! Buy organic and local whenever possible, and skip fat-free or diet foods.. they add stuff that isn’t good for you to “keep the calories low”.

I want to be more present

We live in a world full of distractions and an age in which we all want to do as much as humanly possible – all at the same time. How easy is it to text, watch tv, eat a snack, check Instagram and still converse with the person next to you? BUT, imagine living a life that is fully present. You may find you have more energy and patience and less stress and feeling less overwhelmed. We can get the job done better if we are committed and present than if we are multi-tasking and busy. Same goes for relationships. Be present. If you can focus on your feed you can focus on the human in front of you. Avoid being the person who is constantly on your phone – it isn’t an attractive quality. Engage with the amazing world around you. Also, taste your food, smell flowers (literally), and make time to enjoy the gift of life… it goes by so fast. Live fully and deeply!

I want to stress less

It’s easy to load too much on your plate and get stressed, overwhelmed and bogged down. Especially at the start of a new year. But, you control how you handle your life – even if it is jam packed. You choose your actions and reactions by being mindful and taking care of yourself. You will get more done more efficiently if your mind is rested and if you avoid stress. Start meditating, using a mantra or practicing yoga. There are lots of podcasts and apps that can help you get started. HEADSPACE is a great app for meditation. And Do Yoga With Me is a great sight for free streaming yoga videos at all levels.

Sometimes a long walk or hike to clear your mind is all you need. Read a book, do a crossword, draw, paint, knit, write in your journal… do something to rest your mind when you are stressed. When I feel overwhelmed, I love to take a candlelit bath with yummy bath salts, a good magazine, and some mint tea.