Lifestyle: Cocktails that won’t hurt the waistline

Winter, it’s all about that added coat and we’re not talking about the Miranda Priestly kind either. Unfortunately we are referring to a less favorable winter accessory, that middle tire that sneaks up on us faster than we can say Martini. As science would have it, all those winter cocktails sans the late night dancing add up to some unwanted numbers on the scales. Now, we could do the adult thing and give up the cocktails for a while or swap those Sunday sessions for some outdoors activities. But heck, adulting is a trap and who really wants to take the road more travelled. Here at LOVE TWAIN we’re much more about finding pragmatic solutions. Let’s say like asking our go to celebrity mixologist Kurtis Bosely to whip up some cocktails, which won’t hurt the waistline.

For me a healthy cocktail is one that has a low ABV (% of alcohol) but packs a full punch of flavour. We have been experimenting with Vermouths and Sherry’s for quite some time now and these options in drinks make for amazing cocktails and without the guilt.

A Regal Aperitif

  • 30ml Regal Rogue Australian Vermouth
  • 10ml Manzanilla Sherry
  • 15ml Cantaloupe-Mint Shrub
  • 5ml Sugar Syrup
  • Dash Cantaloupe Bitters
  • Rosemary to garnish
  • Top with soda

Ingredients to look for…
Look for local ingredients, Sherry’s, Vermouths in place of spirits, fruits and shrubs, soda to lengthen instead of Prosecco or sparkling and of course always talk to your bartender!

Ingredients to avoid…
It’s hard to dissect a drink on the menu as often the ‘syrup’ or the sweetening component of the drink can be masked as something else. If you follow the above though as a guideline then talk to the bartender, it’s always the safest best.

Do it yourself at home with…
Fresh fruit and Vermouth or Sherry! You can make great drinks at home by mixing 30-40ml’s of your favourite Sherry or Vermouth. Mix it with your favourite fruit muddled in the glass, add ice and top with soda – the perfect creation for great drinks.

Things to remember at home…
Sweeter drinks require sweeter Vermouth & Sherry
My go tos: Rosso Vermouth, Oloroso Sherry, Pedro Ximenez Sherry.

If you want a drink that is more dry…
I suggest Dry Vermouth, Blanc Vermouth, Fino Sherry, Manzanilla or Amontillado Sherry.

Definitely mix the two options for something in the middle!