Lifestyle: Now this is how you can get legs like Beyonce

QUEEN B. and those pins. Envious? You’re only human… but instead of wishing for them, work for them.

In the quest to sculpt our own legs and behind (or correction to build something that resembles a bum) we turned to the man responsible for transforming music mogul P Diddy in the early 20oo’s. Mark Jenkins has held a long history of whipping some of the entertainment businesses biggest names into shape (Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, L.L. Cool J, Eve, Q-Tip, Anthony Hamilton, N.O.R.E, Missy Elliott, Brandy, D’Angelo just to name a few…) and then there is Bey. Having trained the Queen herself, we thought it was only natural to get some tips on sculpting our pins…

Because winter is when summer bodies are made ladies.



What 5 leg exercises can we all do to get legs like Beyonce?

  1. Squats – they work the thigh as well as your cardiovascular system. They are great compound moment to start out with before you go to your isolation movements for your troubled areas
  2. Stiff legged deadlifts – these target the hamstrings and your glutes. Remember to squeeze your glutes at the top/end of the movement (it’s so important!)
  3. Sprints – they work every muscle in your lower body! Choose a hill if you really want to challenge yourself and hit the calves and glutes. Start with 5 to 10 sprints and walk it back to your starting position – you won’t regret it!
  4. Distance running – this works muscle endurance and tones your legs and improves your bone density. It also leans you out witch is important because all this leg training won’t show if your body fat is too high. Start with a 5km and build up. If that’s too much jog walk it until you can go the full distance without stopping
  5. Hip thrusts – they work the hips, your glutes and hamstrings. Push with your heels and take a second to squeeze at the top of the motion to really etch that definition in.

We know it doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re not very patient. How quickly will wenotice a change in our legs?
How quickly your legs develop depends on your nutrition, your recovery/sleep as well as other exercise. Assuming the first 2 are on point you should see something happening in 10 to 14 days.

How often?
Frequency is key – and it’s important not to over train. Hit the legs hard once a week then work on weak points one more time during the week but don’t over do it! Remember hit it hard!

What not to do?
Try not to lock out during leg training as that tends to transfer the stress from your muscles to your joints. Constant tension is key for results. Don’t rest too much between sets.

Remember to visualize what your want your legs to look like. Remember to visualize the muscles working as you are training them. Remember to stretch between sets and after workout for injury prevention and to promote recovery.