Lifestyle: Surviving the holiday bulge

So here is the thing about this so-called “silly season”, a myth we invented to eat copious amounts of food, drink endless bottles of wine and enjoy the finer side of life – it comes with some unintended side effects. These mostly present themselves in oddly tight jeans, rather dull skin and a faulty scale. I mean gaining 2-3 kilos in a month, hardly seems right.

Now we’re not about to turn into the Christmas Grinch and tell you to skimp on the best parts of the silly season, no. We’re about to gift you a ‘guilt free’ holiday season with all the trimmings sans the expanding waistline. You see, we turned to our favourite gal – personal trainer, chef, nutritionist and lifestyle guru Amy Rosoff Davis to give us some attainable tips on doing the silly season right. (Turns out models really do eat kids!)

If the name rings a bell, that would be because this fitness maven famously helped transform Selena Gomez’s body during her ‘Revival Tour’. Sure Selena walked away with one of the most talked about figures, but we were more in awe of that glow. Because for Amy, it’s all about a wholesome approach. Forget the scales if you look like you have been starving yourself (or like one-half of LOVE TWAIN, have just come off and egg and orange diet). So your Christmas present from us, 9 tips on surviving the holiday bulge from the ultimate celebrity health and wellness guru herself…

1. Add on extra mini workouts. Instead of derailing yourself from your routine ( it’s easy to skip those workouts with all the festivity going on) add on extra to your routine. Add a 10-minute walk on your lunch break. Take the stairs a few times instead of just once. Do some sun salutations. Take a hike with a friend. Do a song worth of jumping jacks. Stretch in front of the TV at night.

2. Infrared Sweat. Aside from the benefits to your organs and skin, infrared sweating can blast an extra 1400 calories. I mean… need I say more.

3. Enjoy conversation not just calories. Don’t deprive yourself of all the yummy treats at those parties, but pay attention to people, not just the food.

4. Get outside. Take a break and get some air. Walking, hiking, and meditation can help keep you calm and focused and feeling good about yourself.

5. Drink water- lots of it. The benefits of water go on and on. Maybe you will realize that you weren’t as hungry as you thought.. but were just thirsty….

6. Take a new exercise class. Why not use the holidays as an excuse to try something new. Maybe you will love it and add it to your routine. Bring a friend and make it fun.

7. Eat clean during the day. Since you may have parties and richer foods at night, start the day with a smoothie, have some raw almonds as a snack, and eat a salad with protein for lunch. By the time your party rolls around you won’t feel bad about indulging because you tucked it in all day.

8. Relax and listen to your body. Take it easy on yourself. It’s okay to slow down for a minute as the busy year comes to a close. Maybe a bath or a movie or a long nap or a delightful book is what you really are craving. DO IT. You will be all the happier for it.

9. Love yourself. Bring in the new year with a full heart. Be grateful for all you have and focus on what’s important. The more you love yourself, the more good will come into your life.

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Photos courtesy of Vogue (Mario Testino) and the guru herself.