Lifestyle: What happens to your body after indulging in a European summer

Ahh a European summer. Endless Prosecco, pastries or bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner, aperitif every night before dinner, cheese – so much cheese, tapas bars, roof top views with a bottle of wine (or three), a whole pizza to yourself, gelati (you lost count) – before you know it – you’ve spent a whole month frolicking around and you haven’t had a mouthful of greens since you left. There’s nothing quite like a well deserved break, soaking in the sites and the rocky beaches – but the new muffin top you’ve come home with, almost cost you custom import fees it’s so big.

So TWAIN to the rescue…. We spoke to some of experts (Emily a Dietitan with Improve Performance and Emma from Smart Analysis) to find out what really happens to your body after indulging in a European summer. I mean, we don’t want to make you feel guilty or anything – but we’re 99% sure you’re feeling a little squiggy in places you weren’t before vacay, you can’t do up your top button of your favourite jeans and the thought of bikinis for an Australian summer in just 3 months time, is enough to make you panic and need an Advil.

Read on…

What actually happens to our bodies after indulging in a European summer?

Emma: Most people tend to gain 4-10kgs after being away in Europe for 1 month and yes majority of this is fat but I have seen a fair amount of people who have come back from Europe and have gained muscle, bizarre! I put this down to carrying heavy luggage around and walking around exploring each place.


How can we quickly (and we mean quickly) shed those carb-driven love handles?

Most people should be able to return back from Europe and get back to their pre-holiday bod in 3 months by returning back to their regular exercise and being super strict on their diet as in eating not less calories because you don’t want to loose all that muscle but just making sure your eating ‘clean’. Having a scan every 3 weeks could also help you get back into shape making sure all your minerals and proteins are in tip-top-shape.

Pilates has a huge benefit on increasing muscle mass for a lot of people without lifting heavy weights at the gym. I always recommend KX Pilates to clients who don’t enjoy going to the gym and using weights as they might not feel comfortable or be familiar with what to do however they need to gain muscle so this has been a great option for them.

How will KX Pilates help us?

After 3 months of Pilates I see segmental muscle mass results a lot more balanced meaning balanced amount of muscle in each leg and each arm. Body fat loss and muscle mass increase in all the right spots.


Emily, help! What should we eat after indulging in endless carbs and alcohol for a month straight? 

I’d recommend going straight back to your normal eating routine of wholesome and nutritious foods
regularly throughout the day. It’s very easy to be tempted by quick-fixes or fad diets. While they will
initially cause weight loss, when normal food are reintroduced the weight will come back on,
sometimes more than before you began. The key is to be consistent, don’t expect results
overnight. It took a whole month in Europe to put the weight on, so it will more than likely take the same
amount of time to drop those extra kilos.