Spend 5: Adam Rindy

Adam Rindy, Los Angeles photo taker and party maker. We may also add a man of mystery to the title. You see, while most photographers’ about pages will read like a short novel, Rindy prefers to keep us guessing. His resume, on the other hand, reads in volumes 1,2, and 3. With a love for photography that stems from a much greater love for human interaction, Adam’s natural and honest approach to his art has led many a fashion labels and companies to come knocking on his door. From Marc Jacobs and Urban Decay to Jeffrey Campbell and Pretty Little Things, his extensive list of fashion and lifestyle editorials has taken him around the world, several times over.

So what else is there to know about this photographer on the rise? Well, he is the kind of friend you wished lived in your pocket so that he could take aesthetically beautiful images of you, while you pretended you weren’t looking. And heck, he would even make it look believable. I mean spend just 5 minutes scrolling through his work and no one will blame you for planning an impromptu trip, or a girls night out. From his lively fashion editorials, to cool girl polaroids and personal travel posts, you could easily use the website as a pre-packaged mood board.

Not content stalking and digging around, we thought the next best thing was to spend 5 with the man himself.

Name: Adam Rindy

Occupation: Photographer

I learnt from: I’m constantly learning, and being inspired everyday from so many different people and places I don’t think I could possibly narrow it down.

My ‘ah ha’ moment was: I’m constantly having these moments, every time I get booked on any job I have this moment.

My philosophy is: Be true to yourself, be kind to others, and learn everything you can 

I shoot with: Mostly I shoot with a canon mostly, but really I’ll use anything that can capture an image.

Polaroids are: Awesome!

Favourite photo taken: This is an impossible question, I’ve taken millions of photos, there’s no way I’d be able to even think about narrowing it down to one

Favourite set: Out of all the locations, I’ve been on, I really enjoy being on the beach,

I’d love to shoot with: Everyone! I’m just happy to be shooting

Getting shoot ready looks like: Every day before I shoot I get up, pack up all my equipment. Then my assistant comes over, and helps me pack up into whatever vehicle we’re in for that day then we go get coffee and breakfast before heading to set.

I look up to: My friends

Photo tip for everyone: Be kind to everyone, no one wants to hire someone they don’t want to be around.

Best photo app: Lately I’ve been using Firestorm

Currently living: in Los Angeles

Favorite place to hang: I love my neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles 

Days off look like: There’s no such thing as a day off when you work for yourself

Next destination: I travel a lot, and usually last minute. I’ve never been to Greece though and I really want to make it out there this year.

Must visit: Anywhere I’ve never been

Guilty pleasure: Nachos

Drink of choice: Fernet or Whiskey

On repeat: Young thug is always playing in my house

This year so far has: been amazing! 2017 is really killing it right now.

I am looking forward to: meeting new people

Life motto: It would be the same as my philosophy , Be true to yourself, be kind to others, and learn everything you can 

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  • Jason Fassbender

    Can’t wait to see theses superb pieces in the flesh! That paneled button up