Spend 5: Chanelle Louise, Cilk Rose Water

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you want to look beautiful,

You should drink the two.

With a demand for a natural approach to skincare and beauty at an all-time high, the market has been flooded with an array of beauty brands promising a chemical free fix. You can’t blame us for then becoming slightly immune to the hundreds of DIY kits and coconut oil-based miracle workers available on the market. But every so often a product comes along that you simply can’t ignore. That product is Cilk Rose Water. Ladies…the time to drink your way to a more radiant complexion is now.

Going beyond the surface to nourish skin from within, Cilk Rose Water presents a premium, hand-bottled rose beverage supplement which not only tastes delicious but looks good enough to take all your Instagram beauty posts from ordinary to lust-worthy heights. Because if we’re really being honest, we’re all suckers for gorgeous packaging.

Having been introduced to the delicious and totally guilt-free*** beauty remedy, we simply had to know more about the face behind one of our favourite new supplements. Spend 5 with the name making waves in the beauty industry both at home and abroad, pretty petal Chanelle Louise.

*** Disclaimer. A slight side of guilt on weekends when we mix our beauty elixir with champagne instead of mineral water. We all have to live a little! 

Name: Chanelle Louise

Occupation: Founder & Director, Cilk Rose Water

It all started when: My partner suffered a traumatic brain injury

Biggest pinch me moment: Partnering with Alexander Wang for Paris Fashion Week

Best beauty advice: Keep it natural

I start my day with: Business podcast and beach walk with my pup James Dean

And I end it with: Bath and novel

Star sign: Capricorn 

One regret: Not going camping enough

My first fashion love was: Sass & Bide jeans

I need to have: Porter magazine

Favourite wardrobe piece: Ellery flare pants

I would describe myself as: Spontaneous & opinionated 

Crushing over: Timeless crystal glassware

My happy place is: Sleeping in NATALIJA silk pyjamas

Style icon: Molly king @foxyzingaro

Website home page: cilkrosewater.com

On speed dial: @gemkwatts

Current addiction: Classical music

I never thought I would: Innovate inner beauty products

I can’t help but: Eat crossiants, almost daily

I am looking forward to: Pioneering a new category within the beauty industry

Life motto: Success can be defined in the opportunities you say no to.