Spend 5: Christopher Hainey

Chicago-based photographer Christopher Hainey makes all sorts of sweet music. Producing photographic works with a striking contrast between stillness and movement, bringing to life the most extraordinary of scenes, Hainey’s Instagram account has been on our radar for some time now. With respect paid to both subject and environment, Hainey never fails to bring the stories he captures to life. The essence of his work is arguably influenced by his love of travel and music, explored through several national tours with his band Maps & Atlases.

We recently spent 5 with the man making sweet music out of life, camera in hand…

Name: Christopher Hainey

Occupation: Photographer / Musician

My career started when: I picked up a camera and a pair of drum sticks at around the same time when I was a kid and over time just abandoned the thought of ever putting down one or the other

My work involves: A lot of very late nights usually

Best part of my job: Whether it’s doing photography or playing music, I truly appreciate being able to travel so much while I work

Favourite piece of work: A few album covers I’ve done in the past year for friends of mine were extremely fun projects to take on

My work aesthetic is: Still getting sorted out I guess

I have always looked up to: My parents

My inspiration comes from: Friends and family mostly

I would love to work with: I’d love to photograph more musicians

Work uniform looks like: Black t-shirt and Baldwin cap usually, and when I’m not in public my band’s t-shirts because those suckers are free

Tip for those wanting to do photography: Don’t think you need the newest and most expensive equipment to make great work that inspires others

Currently living: Venice, CA

Days off look like: Usually a lot of driving around for some reason

Favourite hang out: The beach or my apartment, but not like napping in the sun type beach more like taking pictures of people I find interesting on the boardwalk beach

Everyone needs to try: Jalapeno and pineapple pizza, sounds strange but I swear by that topping combination

My to do list includes: I actually just moved out to California and just completely forgot about setting up the electricity in my new place and I’m currently sitting here in the dark, so that’s at the top of the list

Always craving: Iced Coffee

Must read: Anything Jon Ronson

Next destination: If I said Disneyland it would probably sound like I’m joking, but I’m legitimately excited about the prospect of going there soon with a camera

Travel is: Crucial, not just for me but for everyone

What people might not know: Much about me at all really, I tend to dislike talking about myself

Most visited website: Obsessed with ignant.de

Drink of choice: Going with iced coffee again here

Favourite cuisine: Currently anything here in Venice, CA

On my wishlist: I’d really love to visit Australia actually!

I am looking forward to: Sharing a few upcoming projects in the works

Life motto: Realize everything you do has an impact on the lives of those around you, we’re all in this thing together

Discover more of Chris’ work here.
Follow his life in photos: @ChrisCreature