Spend 5: Diego Zuko

Diego Zuko.

You finally get that invitation to Fashion Week you have been working for all your adult life (because priorities). You demolish your credit card with an outfit you could never justify in your wildest dreams (because Fashion Week). You strut your way into the show. Well, ladies, this is the man that could make it all worth it. And if you dare to try and pretend like you haven’t imagined this moment in your head a million times over, then we question what the heck you are doing on LOVE TWAIN.

With the rise of social media leading to a flurry of photographers hoping to carve their space in the coveted street style scene, Diego has firmly cemented his spot as an industry regular. The Harpers Bazaar go-to street style photographer has long held a clientele list all your emerging photographer dreams are made of. From Elle and Marie Claire to Net-a-porter and beyond, the world’s leading fashion publications have all come knocking on Zuko’s door. Why? Because he gets it. He gets fashion. He gets details. He gets tones. He gets what it is that we all want to see.

Capturing the very essence of each outfit he frames in the most intimate and enticing of ways, you won’t find Diego chasing people down the street or hiding behind bins, no. This Fashion Week regular knows exactly how and when to capture that perfect shot. Whether it be a pop of colour, the movement of a garment or those fine details, his images interpret fashion in its finest form. You can probably thank his equally talented wife Ceci Mendez for providing a serious dose of fashion education and inspiration. I mean she has modeled for Chanel after all.

You can find the dream duo regularly adding envious images to their website The Outsider, LOVE TWAIN’s pre-work fashion stalks. The place we go to for all the latest street style inspiration. We managed to catch the global trotter for a hot moment, or five, to get to know a bit more about the man behind the lens.

Spend 5 with Diego…

Name: Diego Zuko

Occupation: Photographer and Traveler

It all started when: I got bored of Excel and jumped into photography

Career highlight: The day I received a call to ‘be in Milan tomorrow’ and my Streetstyle photography career began

Favourite fashion week: Copenhagen, chill and very cool

Favourite photo: Too many pictures to choose from

I would love to shoot with: Anja Rubik and Anna Ewers

Street style muse: They change from season to season, right now Caro Daur

I look up to: People who found that chasing money is worthless, people who love what they do and enjoy life

Daily uniform: Black Asics Gel Kayano 22, Black Jeans, Black t-shirt and leather motorcycle jacket or bomber depending on the weather

Can’t leave the house without: My iphone and my airpods – hey Apple Marketing team, let’s talk

I couldn’t go a day without: Checking my email

Guilty pleasure: Staying home on a Saturday night and watch Narcos

Next destination: The Netherlands, Tokyo, Paris, Croatia, Madrid – all in the next month and a half

Favourite city: Copenhagen in summer

Travel to me is: Life

Can’t travel without: The window seat

Everyone needs to try: To travel more and meet more people

I wish I had more time for: Shooting personal projects

Days off look like: Going for a run, getting a nice lunch or dinner with friends or just chillin and cooking at home

Ideal Saturday night: Dinner with friends or just with Ceci my lovely wife, drinking red wine and getting to bed before 2am

Cocktail of choice: Old Fashioned

Website home page: theoutsider.us

Most used app: WhatsApp

Must follow: Your own path

On my wish list: Contax t3 that I’m planning to buy in Tokyo

I am looking forward to: Eating tons of sushi and onigiris

Life motto: It’s all about the journey, not the destination