Spend 5: Dimetri Hogan

Need a serious cultural fix? Let Dimetri Hogan help you out…

The NYC-based visual artist and creative director is the force behind culture bible “Off The Rails Magazine”. Co-created with partner Matthew Comer, the two have worked to deliver a youth magazine which celebrates freedom of expression, sexuality and the essence of youth. The kind of publication you wouldn’t show grandma but you know all the trendsetters are reading. Inspired by the artistic works of photographers such as Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and Helmut Newton, Dimetri’s works may make you blush a little – but boring- they are anything but.

Naturally, we had to spend 5 with the artist who will add some much-needed attitude and personality to your Instagram feed. For the #rebelioushearts…

Name: Dimetri Hogan

Occupation: Creative Director of Soho Arts Club + Co-founder of Off The Rails Magazine

Talking about Soho Arts Club: The Soho Arts Club was an idea curated by contemporary artist Harif Guzman aka Haccula and his partner Golan Zada, they recently passed the torch down to me earlier this year and asked me to step in as Creative Director of the event space. It’s still completely new to me, but there are definitely big things to come

Favourite Off The Rails Edition: I would have to say Issue Two, I shot one of our 6 custom covers featuring upcoming super star Meredith Mickelson. She’s pretty popular in the social media world and is getting bigger in the real world as well, catch her on the big screen soon. Mark my words….

I would love to work with: Emily Ratajkowski, she’s got one of the most elegant natural bodies in the industry. My opinion of course, but would definitely love to get her in front of my camera one day soon

The next edition looks like: I don’t want to spoil it, but there is a nice mix of everything that people love about us. We are still breaking boundaries and the rules 😉

The idea came about: In December of 2014 by my business parter Matthew Comer. We have been working together for about 3 years now and Off the Rails is basically just our daily inspiration piled up into one large book

Career highlight: Clichè, but every moment of my career has been a huge highlight in my life. There are many more to come!

Favourite thing about my job: I get paid to do something I love and the opportunity to meet so many cool creative people that inspire me to only go bigger

Current city: New York City baby aka The Rotten Apple

Favourite hangout: The SoHo Arts Club, we attract some of the most talented people that New York has to offer. No place like it!

Weekend nights look like: In the studio editing images and of course watching Games of Thrones on Sundays

Best kept secret: The powers in my hair 😉

Favourity city: New York City, duh

Next destination: Currently packing up for my 7 am flight to Los Angeles, CA

Me in 3 words: Radiant, radiant, radiant (same old shit)

Can’t leave the house without: My Camera, I call her Dora

Current addiction: Models

Daily uniform looks like: Usually all black

Style muse: Kurt Cobain

I am looking forward to: Having the number one magazine in New York City and finishing up my site (radiantchild.co)

Life motto: Closed mouths don’t get fed


Discover Off The Rails magazine here.
Follow Dimetri: @Radiant_Child