Spend 5: Dina Broadhurst

Photograph courtesy of Akila Berjaoui

If you live on Instagram then you will know that collage art is experiencing a revival. Now before we evoke the wrong feelings, we’re not talking cut outs of your favourite boy bands in what can only be described as a magazine imploding on itself in a flurry of shapes and colours. We’re talking refined, signature layering which is both mesmerizing and an art form in itself. We’re talking Dina Broadhurst.

The artist, designer, photographer and collector is renowned for her signature style of mixing photography and collage elements to produce both 2D and 3D works. Focusing on femininity, sexuality, escapisms, desire and luxury, Dina’s works are not there just to look pretty, no. They pull apart preconceived notions of what is beautiful, and entice us to question natural untamed beauty that is both within us and all around us. A type of beauty that cannot be explored through a staged, cropped and edited image devoid of emotion.

Having studied a Bachelor of Visual Communication, Interior Design and currently studying Fine Arts, Dina uses both colour and composition to draw the viewer in asking them to question and to dissect. Her carefully constructed compositions are influenced by the fashion and advertising industry and seduce the viewer to find the hidden beauty within. One that delves deeper than the exterior layer of a beautiful model, face or body.

Here we spend 5 with the artist who puts all our year 10 Snoop Dog and Orlando Bloom collages to shame.

Name: Dina Broadhurst

But I am known as: Firey

Occupation: Artist

This all started when: the wonder of a colour was seen

I would describe my aesthetic as: simple, pared back

Favourite piece of work: ladies in waiting

My studio looks a little like: a bower birds nest

Currently working on: a collection of artworks for a fashion brand that explores women from the inside out

Work uniform: jeans and a loose t-shirt with many swaps of trainers and shoes throughout the day as my feet are so sensitive!

I am inspired by: walking the streets, art, intimate relationships, music, and nature

Biggest pinch me moment: seeing my work coming off a large scale printer for the first time

If I wasn’t doing art, I would: be mad, well more mad than I am

If my life was a song, it would have to be: Off the ground, Anderson Paak

My star sign is: Virgo

I believe in the power of: Love

I would tell my 16 year old self: Learn from the best and everything leads to the next thing

My happy place is: Bed and a great movie

My celebrity crush is: Katie Keight

Worst habit: Always needing to have moist hands

On my bucket list: Mexico

I could not live without: Wet ones

Always by my side: My phone

I have my coffee: A mocha first thing in the morning

Ideal Saturday looks like: Sun and the sea

Biggest life lesson: If you believe it actually does happen

Life motto: Passion is everything

You’d be stupid not to follow Dina: @DinaBroadhurst

Imagery by Akila Berjaoui.