Spend 5: Ella Weisskamp

Blend a model and phtographer together and what do you get? Uber cool, a seriously good looking, can work the camera on both ends kinda gal... and that's exactly what Ella Weisskamp is! And just when you thought she was cool enough - she's an expat of Australia, now living in LA. Because TWAIN are all about the cool kids, so we had to spend 5 with Ella...

Name: Ella Mai Weisskamp

Occupation: Photographer and Model

My career started when… I was about 10 years old, I got scouted by a few agencies and it all started from there!

On getting a good shot… A good shot is all about the right angle, and making sure your subject is 100% comfortable

To shoot, I use… Currently using my Nikon D7100 for digital while for film I use my Vivitar, Pentax, and Canon! as well as my millions of polaroid cameras!

My creativity is sparked when… From a very very young age. I was always creating something, whether it was friendship bracelets with the wildest patterns, an outfit made out of plants in my backyard, paintings, but I was so incredibly fascinated at a young age by Vogue and W magazine. My Mum was always yelling at me for tearing apart her magazines and creating my own collages with photos and models that inspired me. I still have all the collages I made as a kid. I was always around cameras even with my parents and always around music as well, so that also helped spark my creative mind.

Favourite shot… I’ll never have a favourite shot, then there’s no inspiration left.

I would love to work with… Dead- Jeff Buckley. Alive- Lara Stone, Kanye West

I cannot go a day without… Music, feeling inspired and jotting down ideas

I was born… In a small town in Australia called Gladstone. I got to see many kangaroos and luckily no sharks

On living in LA…. Have a small circle of friends, stay humble, know that there’s always the new “it girl” or guy out here, but if you look hard enough you can find many inspiring people and places

LA hot spots… I’m honestly a major homebody! my idea of a hot spot is the Jack in the box across the street from me!

What I miss about home… I’ve moved so much that I’m not sure what to consider home, but I guess I miss the memories of the places I’ve lived

On my recent trip to NYC… I shot for Glossiers Boy Brow campaign and explore the city I’ll always love

On that Glossier campaign… Liana Weston scouted me via Instagram for the Glossier Campaign and I was flown out to NY for a few days. It was honestly such an amazing experience and that’s one of the reasons I’ll never stop being in this industry around such creative people. The team was delightful and I feel so very lucky and grateful that I got to be apart such a wonderful campaign


Travel to me is… Life! I feel that we’re put on this earth for many reasons… one of them being exploring the land we live on

My travel essentials include… Headphones, occasionally my laptop, lip gloss, and a good attitude!

I wish I had more time for… Seeing my Dad, he lives in Miami and is in and out of the hospital at times. So it would be nice to see him a lot more

Beauty addictions… I seriously do not wear make-up unless it’s on a shoot haha buuuut I do love a good ol’ thing of chap stick and a cute cat eye!

Daily uniform… Mum jeans, a hat, and probably a thrifted tee or a cute cropped graphic tee. I’m more about comfort! But I do love getting all dressed up from time to time

On staying fit… I’ve had a gluten allergy since I was little so that helps a lot. I run every other day, drink tonnes of water, but if I feel like having a day full of junk food I’ll go for it. It’s all about balance, you should never obsess too much about anything, do what feels right even if its a 10 minute workout – it counts for something

My ‘go to’ pick me up… Chocolate, whenever I’m not feeling 100% a big chunk of chocolate will always put a smile on my face

Before bed… I cuddle with my man, laugh a whole bunch together, envision my life and where I want it to go and know that the next day is always a fresh start

Favourite app… uhhhh Instagram? haha I’ve never been that person with a bunch of apps on my phone!

Must read… The Secret. It will change your life

Must see… Oh gosh I am the worst at this, I think the last movie I saw was The Titanic when I was 10… so I guess The Titanic? haha

2016 is the year for… WATCH MORE MOVIES! as well staying creative in front and behind the camera

Life motto: just be happy and rely on nobody but yourself

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Instagram: @ellamaiweisskamp