Spend 5: Emilia Skuza

If there is one thing that captures TWAIN’s attention, it’s a model who steps off the pages of Vogue and makes life her runway. A model who doesn’t need a team of stylists to help her nail the ‘model of runway’ look. In comes Emilia Skuza. With a striking face and personality to match, this IMG signed trendsetter has been on our Instagram stalks list for some time. With hair to die for and outfits to match, we needed to know more about  model of the moment and the girl whose wardrobe we would love to raid.



Name: Emilia Skuza

Occupation: Student/Model/Blogger at Notre Lame

It all started when… A school friend convinced me to enter a local modelling competition when we were 15

Career highlight to date… Shooting Vogue Australia – it’s still my favourite editorial of all time

About that Vogue shoot… I really felt like I was on set for a Hitchcock film. Everything was so picturesque

On getting into the ‘on set’ mode… Befriending everyone on set helps

When walking down the catwalk I… Hope that I don’t fall

Modelling to me is… Mostly a blessing, occasionally a curse. Either way, it’s forced me to grow up and become the person I am today

Favourite campaign… I’m in love with Gucci pre-fall 2016 along with everybody else

I’d love to work with… My friends more often

Best thing I’ve learnt on set… How to collaborate with people creatively

On staying fit… Exercise outdoors in the fresh air as often as possible

Beauty obsession… Being nice to my skin with natural products from brands like Elemental Herbology and Nude skincare

I wish I had more time for… Reading. I have a pile of books on my mantelpiece that I want to read but during the Uni semester they remain untouched

Before I get out of bed I… Think about what I have to get done that day

If my life was a song it’d be… How Bizarre by OMC

Style muse… Pandora Sykes or Leandra Medine

Daily uniform… High waisted jeans and skate shoes

On my wish list… Dorateymur black Double Delta boots

Never without… A water bottle

Must read… Farmageddon by Philip Lymbery and Isabel Oakeshott

Go to hang outs… Siglo bar

Ideal Saturday night… Friends, red wine, pasta, and a 70’s funk Spotify playlist

I cannot go a day without… Calling my mum

Favourite app… Instagram

Next holiday… Europe in July

I am looking forward to… Europe in July!

Life motto: The best way out is always through


Follow Emilia here: @EmiliaSkuza

Photo: Michelle Tran @ hart&co

H&M: Julie Provis @ hart&co