Spend 5: Emma Reid, Musq

MUSQ Cosmetics. THE cult beauty brand to watch. We have all seen the perfectly packaged, monochrome beauty products spawned across the pages of fashions most coveted magazines, most recently ELLE, and dominating our Instagram feeds. Because even the most seasoned beauty writers and bloggers are excited about this home grown gem. Not only does the range evoke luxury and opulence, the products are both natural and ethical. Good for your skin and good for your soul. (Find out more here). TWAIN fell in love with the products last year and have been devotees ever since. Not only does the range make our skin look amazing sans the guilt of adding more chemicals to our face, it also looks equally amazing in our bathrooms. Naturally we had to spend 5 with the brains and beauty behind the range, the humble and hardworking Emma Reid.

… and because we had to share the love, all TWAIN readers can take 20% off the entire MUSQ range using code LOVETWAIN at checkout. (Note: This is not a sponsored post. Offer ends Friday the 13th of November)

Name: Emma

Occupation: Director of MUSQ Cosmetics

Hometown: Adelaide

…but my heart really belongs in: Melbourne (I grew up there)

My morning doesn’t begin until: coffee is had

My coffee preference is: strong latte ?

My beauty routine looks like: 3 simple steps; cleanse, tone and moisturise with a drop of replenish serum each morning & night.

Hero product: MUSQ crème foundation with jojoba & shea butter as an extension to our skincare.

Best beauty advice I have ever received: never go to bed with makeup on 😉

Make up philosophy: keep your food, thoughts and skin clean!

On personal style...

Go to labels: Stella McCartney, BASSIK & SPORTMAX

My handbag is never without: MUSQ Rosewater Facial Mist

Next on my hit list: Lupo Barcelona Skirt by Meryl

Life Motto: Charity starts at home.

On Musq Cosmetics...

It all began with: a gut instinct. In 2013 I joined my friend and bought half of Musq (which she had started with her mother). In 2014 I took over sole ownership of Musq as I fell deeply for the cosmetics industry.

Point of difference: we’re reinventing ‘Luxe’ where you live in a luxurious world with sustainable style.

Career Highlight: everyday is a highlight and I am thankful for where I am.

Cult product: MUSQ Face & Body Exfoliant with rose rice and clay.

Would love to see MUSQ sitting next to: I just love to see MUSQ in someone’s home where it is loved and used. That is the icing on the cake for me.

photos via pinterest