Spend 5: Gregory Romeo

It’s time for a little cultural awakening of a different kind. The kind that will make you hot under the collar a little (or a lot, we won’t judge). Enter Gregory Romeo. Now, we first stumbled across this intriguing Frenchman when we attended Blanc de Blanc, a not so family friendly cabaret show. Just what the doctor had ordered. Romeo, the tall, handsome Frenchman led much of the show and we simply had to know more. What we discovered was that there is a lot more to behind Romeo than his model, dancer and burlesque artist title would care to share. You see, when not performing, Gregory Romeo is a modern day, erotic visual artist.

Now we have your attention.

The French-born photographer (we know we have mentioned his nationality before but he’s French… just in case you didn’t catch it the first two times) combines his knowledge of architecture, fashion and erotism to break out of the ordinary. Each image captured pushes the boundaries in fresh and creative ways. Let’s just put it this way, his works aren’t for the faint at heart and you certainly wouldn’t be gifting them to grandma. Drawing on his performance background to mix his body with nature and architecture, Gregory captures provocative frames which explore notions of sexuality, politics and life. Works, which we may add have gained him a cult global following.

Spend 5 with the man himself… it will be the sexiest 5 minutes you will spend today.

Name: Gregory Romeo

Occupation: Entertainer

Current city: Los Angeles – USA

But I was born in: France

And grew up in: Europe

It all started: On the day i was born…born with a microphone and a hot body

A typical day for me includes: Gym, food, sex and beach

Before getting on stage I always: Surrend myself with the other artists and we feed each others energy

Performing to me is: Essential – without it I would feel empty

Favourite stage memory: For my birthday my cast mates suprised me – it was very sweet

My photography is: Necessary for me to express another side of me

I shoot with: An iPhone for my erotic self portrait (It is part of a project that has been exhibited) and a D5 when I shoot other subjects for fashion spreads

My aesthetic is: Fashion erotic sophisticated

Favourite photo: Helmut Newton – Guy Bourdin

My friends would describe me as: Fun, direct, adventurous, unpredictable and very honest (I have no filters!)

However I would say I am: What my friends  describe me as

What people might not expect about me: A lot – I am very unpredictable

My best party trick: Always have good food and a good laugh

Five people I’d love to have over for a dinner party: My mum, my sister with her 3 kids… I don’t see them enough and I miss them a lot

Cannot go a day without: Chocolate

My favourite city in the world: The world has too many gorgeous places to focus on only one… I am world travel lover

But I am dying to visit: My mum’s house actually – as I said it has been a while. I’m a mummy’s boy

I wish I could have coffee with: I don t drink coffe but I’ll have lemonade with my sister

My life in a song: Black coffee by All saints

My to do list includes: Eating more vegetables

I wish I had more time for: Spending more time with my family

To wind down I: Exercises (that includes in bed too)

Health and wellness to me is: Being with the one we love and discover our planet through culture and people

My guilty pleasure is: Eating pizza in bed

Current obsession: Going to gym after eating pizza in bed ahahahah

Must follow: That dude is pretty rad @monsieurromeo

Best advice I have been given: To breath the moment

This year is all about: Passion and traveling

I am looking forward to: Discover more of our beautiful planet

Life motto: Better get a slap in the face than a pat on your back

For more action follow Romeo here.