Spend 5: Jasmine Lindsay

Jasmine and Will, if the name rings a bell that would be because this luxurious sleepwear line has been doing the rounds as of late. And by rounds, we don’t mean your regular blogger gifting’s and sponsored posts, no. We’re talking Vogue features and being snapped up by some of fashion’s biggest it girls, the kind that can’t be bought. Since launching in 2015, the line has grown faster than you can say Insta-famous, the traditional way – by offering a quality, bespoke product to match every occasion. Whether it be a luxurious travel set for that well-deserved vacation, a monogrammed honeymoon pyjama set, a bridesmaids gift with a difference or heck even a set to be worn on a boat in Positano – this sleepwear label has it all. Cut from quality cotton, silk and cashmere materials, each piece is carefully constructed with quality and comfort in mind.

We spent 5 with founder and luxury sleepwear designer Jasmine Lindsay who gives Sunday loungewear a whole new meaning.

Name: Jasmine Lindsay

But my nickname is: “J”

Current city: Sydney

But I was born in: Country Queensland

And grew up in: Bundaberg (yes, home of the rum)

Occupation: Founder of Jasmine and Will sleepwear

It all started when: I was really fed up with bows and frills and cat print pyjamas

A typical day for me includes: Wishing that I had a typical day! My days are very “roll up the sleeves” and channel my energy into whatever area requires me. I can be working with dispatch and stocktaking one day and behind my desk designing or overseeing wholesale and operations the next

Why pyjamas: Because there isn’t a go-to label for classic pyjamas in Australia and I want to build that brand

Work wear for me looks like: A mix and match of functional basics and classic cuts (also includes active wear on a bad day)

I love to pair my silk set with: Turtlenecks – honestly even in summer I’m a sucker for a turtleneck under a silk slip

Weekend ensemble looks like: My weekday uniform with the advantage of time to blow-out my hair and add make-up!

Tip for those who aren’t so sure: Create a uniform for yourself– it makes getting dressed so much easier every morning

My style would be defined as: Minimal, classic, relaxed

My style muse is: Victoria Beckham – I love her clean lines (and that she never has smudged mascara or a hair out of place – aspirations)

Fashion bible: Moda Operandi trunkshows – I love seeing next season now

On my wishlist: Balenciaga boots

Favourite wardrobe item: My watch

As a kid I would wear: Whatever my mother dressed me in (and she looooved the 80’s and 90’s)

I cannot go a day without: Speaking to my family – and there is a lot of us

I wish I could have coffee with: A cinnamon scroll everyday and still fit into my jeans

I’ve always wanted to visit: The list is too long, I love to travel

Always in my fridge: Wine

My most bizarre talent: I seriously lack in that department – ballroom dancing, does that count?

Can’t leave the house without: Lip balm

Current addiction: Pinterest

Must read: Drop The Ball

Must watch: My favourite movie – Something’s Gotta Give (hopeless romantic)

Always stalking: Anyone and anything on Pinterest

Before bed I always: Spray a lavender sleep spray my sister bought in India – I’m a restless sleeper so I’ll try anything

This year is all about: Pushing boundaries

I am looking forward to: A good nights sleep!

Life motto: Design the life you want.