Spend 5: Leigh Campbell

Leigh has one of those Instagram accounts that makes us think she would be a hoot to hang out with. Her wedding day was one that we admire (and appreciate) – intimate, elegant but looked like an absolute blast (and that crown – need we say more). Her honestly in regards to getting married (you’ll see below) its admirable. Hats off to her for planning that stunning wedding in just 4 months.

As Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine and all round ‘it’ girl on her own site The Daily Coverage, TWAIN wanted to spend 5 with the girl whose Instagram account brings us endless laughter.

Name: Leigh Campbell

Occupation: Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan Australia. Everything director at www.thedailycoverage.com

My day doesn’t start until… I’ve had a coffee, even at 5.30am before pilates. I’m a simple woman with simple tastes; good old Moccona with a dash of maple syrup will do

3.30 pick me up… Another Moccona (swear I don’t work for them), a mandarin, or a quick browse on BrownCardigan.com

On winding down… I don’t really know how to wind down. I’d like to be one of those people who can manage it, but as soon as I start to relax I get bored

I have my eyes on… A heavenly rug from West Elm

Beauty must have… Tis impossible from me to choose just one, for it is my job to love them all. Currently it would have to be Lanolips 101 Ointment in Peach. It’s so thick and delicious and is the only thing that sooths my wintery lips

Scent of choice… It was always Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume, but recently Costume National So Nude took top spot

On getting married… Getting married was awesome! And awful. And exciting. And expensive. It’s such a funny, emotional time. I absolutely loved my wedding day, but I would never, ever, ever wish to do it again

On wedding preparation… It totally sucks. I couldn’t have a wedding planner as I had a very clear vision of what I wanted (plus they are another expense). We got married four months after getting engaged because I couldn’t bare talking or thinking about the prep for a day longer!

On my recent honeymoon… It was the best holiday I’ve ever had. I had my best mate by my side and we just ate and drank ourselves silly for three weeks straight. In paradise, mind you. What’s not to love?

Favourite city… It’s a tie between Paris and L.A.

Next holiday… Probably Greece; back to my husband’s homeland to experience it together, witness some friends get married, and most importantly eat our body weight in halloumi

Currently reading… Man and Boy by Tony Parsons

Ideal Saturday night… Hot laksa and cold rose with a few good friends

I describe myself as… A child in grown up clothing

Every woman should… Do whatever she wants, and not worry about what other women are doing

Fashion faux pas… Black opaques with denim cut offs. It’s visually offense and makes zero sense

Life motto… ‘Now’. It’s a tattoo I have on the back of my calf (I’m all class!) to remind me that when the pain of the past and the fear of the future push so hard on either side that I can’t be present, all I have is ‘now’. And there’s never a time that it’s not ‘now’

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