Spend 5: Lena Lademann

Fashion blogger. We dare you to find two more controversial words in the social media age. Whether brands and consumers love or loathe them, there is no fighting the trend that is here to stay. The good news, once the title is dusted off from the thousands of Instagrammers looking for a quick dollar and free ride, there is an ocean of creative talent waiting to showcase their skills, be it in styling, writing or both. Skills held long before the terms ‘collaboration’ and ‘social media influencer’ became the go-to vocabulary.

So what makes so many brands hot under the collar? Well, it could be that after years of building their name on the foundations of quality and trustworthiness, they no longer hold the final say in how their image and brand are portrayed. Giving up that creative control can be likened to handing your child over for their first day at daycare. Painful. I mean you nurtured it and grew it and now someone is styling your bag in an elevator selfie and calling it art.

Then there are names like Lena Lademann. The German based creative who takes luxurious brands and wraps them up in a neatly packaged portfolio of minimalistic, contemporary and artistic images. With an inherent eye for styling, each self-directed shoot is personal and relatable, yet not to the detriment of the brand. No shortcuts and blurry images, just a real love for art and fashion, which translates in the most luxurious of ways. This attention to detail is why the likes of Chanel, Vogue, Cartier and Hermes have all come knocking on Lena’s door.

Spend 5 with the name to watch, Germany’s fashion darling – Lena.

Name: Lena Lademann

Occupation: Creative mind

My story began when: I started a company for influencer marketing with two partners three years ago and decided to follow my own creative path last year

My style is: Minimalistic with a certain twist

Fail proof outfit: Trying too hard to look like everybody else and losing authenticity

Favourite fashion house: House of Dagmar, Malaika Raiss, Balenciaga, Loewe… oh there are so many good ones

Designers to watch: Sid Neigum, William Fan

Favourite outfit: Sportive or casual combination with some good pair of high heeled boots

Favourite piece in my wardrobe: Changes all the time

Style muse: Actually I have different people and style muses that I take as an inspiration every day – it is a mix of several sources

For inspiration I: Look at Instagram or on the tumblr LA cool & chic

Can’t go a day without: My phone. But rather more for staying in touch with family, boyfriend and friends than to constantly post on Instagram

I’d love to write to: Jürgen Teller

Most visited website: My Theresa

I would tell my 16 year old self:

1) That you should do what is best for you although this sometimes means disappointing others

2) That you can really only rely on only a few certain people in your life constantly

3) In the end what really counts is the people you have around

I wish I had more time for: Singing lessons and playing field hockey again (my earlier hobbies)

Favourite season: Spring

I have my coffee: At home in the morning and actually whenever I can grab one

My 3.30itis cure is: Never going on a 0 diet and forbidding myself the good stuff. Does never work long time. So treat yourself with what you need, just everything in moderation. What really counts is doing sports regularly

Celebrity crush: An earlier Gregory Peck

On my to do list: Learning Persian

2017 is all about: Gaining what was hardly worked for in 2016

I am looking forward to: Growing up every day and living future with my closest

Life motto: Always try to be positive and respectively treat others how you wanted