Spend 5: Matilda, Tilly Jewellery

Tilly Jewellery had us at “hand-made”. Ok… little white lie. We really became hooked on the labels refined approach to staple pieces. The kind of designs that don’t scream in your face yet demand all the attention. Think a reworked hoop with an added sphere, mismatched drop earrings and ring stacks all crafted from sterling silver. No added gems and gimmicks, just the highest of quality sterling silver shaped and moulded into the kind of pieces you would expect to see accompanying pieces during fashion week. But the fact that each design is handcrafted right here in Australia by the talented jeweller Matilda Sinclair – well that just sealed the deal really.

Imagine knowing that the next jewellery pieces you invest in weren’t mass manufactured in a far away factory, making their way to you only after having gone through hundreds of hands and plastic bags. Instead, they were made in a gorgeous little studio in Brisbane with all the love and soul poured into them that your like-minded creative soul desires. With Tilly pieces, that is exactly what you get. Not just a mass manufactured product, you get a slice of the soul and a slice of the journey.

We spent 5 with one of LOVE TWAIN’s latest editions, jeweller Matilda Sinclair aka Tilly.


Name: Matilda Sinclair but you can call me Tilly!

Current city: Brisbane

Occupation: Jeweller

My story goes: After discovering my love for creating things whilst completing my Art Major in my final year of school, I began silversmithing and jewellery courses at the Brisbane Institute of Art. I set up my studio and approached stockists with my first collection back in 2014. Fast forward to today where my focus is to scale Tilly Jewellery so many more people can wear beautiful, handmade, shiney things!

My love for jewellery came from: My very young days, where I just loved ‘shiney things’

My back up plan was: I did start a Communications Degree at uni. I didn’t really like uni and uni didn’t like me either

A typical day for me involves: Early wake up, gym session, coffee, head to studio, work,work,work, time for friends, dinner, Netflix, bed

My every day piece: The Primary Earrings from The Primary Collection

The piece for the trendsetter: The Flower Drop Earrings for a bit of a statement

Work uniform looks like: Super casual gear covered with a linen apron

Currently working on: My next collection – Resort 17/18

Current view: My work bench, tools and jewels

Nest destination: Hola! Madrid

Favourite city: London

Greatest travel adventure: New York for my brother’s wedding last year

Wildest thing I’ve done: 7 am in Central Park NYC in a crazy snow storm on my way home

In 10 years I wish: That Tilly Jewellery has a large international presence

A good night always starts with: A crispy French Rose’

… and ends with: No regrets

I cannot go a day without: Coffee

… because: ‘ I have a 12oz Flat white extra hot’ dependency

On speed dial: My mumma

My last status update was: ‘Equal rights for one and all’

Most used app: Instagram!

Most visited website: Netflix

I can always rely on: My puppy dogs

Best advice I’ve been given: Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day

What people wouldn’t expect: That I play semi-professional netball!

First thing I’d say to Beyonce: “Can I be Godmother to one of your twins?”

I’d love to have coffee with: Phoebe Tonkin – she is my girl crush

I wish I could be penpals with: CJ Hendry

… because I would write about: Growing up in Brisbane and tackling the creative design world

I find beauty in: Shiney objects

I wish I had more time for: Sleep zzz

My mind is currently thinking: Shapes, curves, silver, gold, stones, metals…..

This year is all about: Growing Tilly Jewellery and my European holiday at the end of the year

I am looking forward to: Spending family time in Spain

Life motto: Be nice, be kind, be happy (our family motto)

Discover Tilly Jewellery here.