Spend 5: Maegan, Mvaz Jewellery

If you love to wear your heart on your sleeve then Mvaz Jewellery is your kind of label. The emerging NYC jewellery line offers pieces that will give the establishment the middle finger in the most subtle of ways. The creative child of Maegan K. Vaz, the range of hand-made cuffs is inspired by sign language and the alternative ways with which we communicate using our hands. For Trump, we would opt for the fist… naturally. Whether it be women’s rights or peace, each piece offers meaning beyond a desire to add to your ever-expanding jewellery collection. Just what you would expect from a designer who also happens to come from a nursing background.

Feel good shopping – kids it doesn’t come much sweeter than this. First, discover then invest. Spend 5 and get to know the name behind the label to watch.

Name: Maegan

But my nickname is: Meg/M

Current city: New York City

But I was born in: New Jersey

Occupation: Nurse Practitioner and designer

It all started when: I needed a creative outlet after long days of studying and practicing medicine

A typical day for me includes: When I’m not at the hospital – wandering around the city and exploring. New stores, new people, new food, new sound, and yes, new smells. It’s so cheesy, but New York changes every day and provides such inspiration. Chatting with the cab drivers is also good fun – they’ve met them all and taken them to every corner of the city

My idea came from: Wanting to create jewellery that had a message but wasn’t so literal. I’ve always loved sign language and how we can communicate with our hands – and then the idea was born! I also wanted something that prompted a conversation – what does that mean? Is that a hand?

Favourite piece: Força Cuff – it’s the original and demonstrates the power and strength that I feel women have. Being a lady is no easy task!

My friends would describe me as: Loyal, funny and easy going. I’m always game for anything

But I would say I am: A nerd – I love learning about everything and anything!

What people might not expect about me: I can speak Portuguese and I love Sean Paul and DMX

My best party trick: The moonwalk. I’m also known for my knack for impersonations

Five people I would love to have over for a dinner party:
1. Princess Diana – I’ve always admired her
2. Lady Gaga – so interesting, talented and driven. She could definitely entertain
3. Barak Obama – He is a phenomenal speaker! I feel like he is just a real person, who could provide a lot of good advice
4. David Beckham – do I need to even explain why?
5. Diane Von Furstenberg – she is a force to be reckoned with

Always by my side: My phone – it’s terrible!

Cannot go a day without: Eating breakfast. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up

My favourite city in the world: Besides New York – London

But I am dying to visit: Santorini – I may just stay there

I would love to spend a day in the life of: Beyonće – to be able to move like that would be so fun. And, that body!

I wish I could have coffee with: Jennifer Fisher. We could talk jewellery, fashion and how to be the most fun mom ever!

My to do list includes: Grow MVaz Jewelry, travel more, learn a third language, conquer my fear of ladders (they’re terrifying!)

On the bucket list: Go on an African safari

I wish I had more time for: Reading books and long trips with friends

To de-stress I: Run, listen to music. I may indulge in a massage every once and a while

My guilty pleasure is: Watching ALL the Real Housewives shows

Current obsession: Ripped jeans, avocado anything, Rx Bars, Bastille and SLT Classes

Must follow: Russellsbc (SBC) Russell Skinny Bitch Collective – motivation

Must read: The Secret Life of Bees and The New York Times

Best advice I have been given: You can’t please everyone

Favourite childhood memory: Swimming and pretending to be a mermaid. I really thought I was! And dressing up with my sister, we were pretty inventive

Worst technology habit: Not knowing how to use it!

Most used app: Instagram

My life in a song: Anything Bruce Springsteen – he is a Jersey man. Or American Girls – Counting Crows. It just makes you want to smile and dance

Favourite song: This is so hard! There are so many for every mood! Fugees – Killing Me Softly With His Song is on rotation a lot right now. It’s a classic that gets everyone to sing along

Must watch: Peaky Blinders on Netflix

This year is all about: Growth

I am looking forward to: Spending more time at the beach this year and seeing where life takes me. Enjoying the ride

Life motto: Just breathe

Discover Mvaz Jewellery here.