Spend 5: Melodie Jeng

There comes a time in every fashion-enthusiasts life when a semi-professional camera and an Instagram account collide in the most unfashionable of ways. That is because street-style photography is an art form, one which doesn’t entail scouring the local neighbourhood to find the most appropriate wall to take the most inappropriate photo. While we appreciate a beautifully curated, personal Instagram account, for the most past here we recognise that street style photographers are artists.

To capture an action shot which flatters both the subject and the clothes in the most flattering of ways without compromising the essence of the moment is a skill – one that NYC-based photographer Melodie Jeng has well and truly mastered. It only takes a moment of Insta-stalking to see why brands such as Models.com, Style.com Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, Burberry, Gucci, J.W. Anderson and Nike have been snapping up her shots.

Here TWAIN spend 5 with the lady you would want taking your #OOTD …

Name: Melodie Jeng

Occupation: Photographer

I am based in: New York City

It all started when: When I started taking photos in middle school or in 2011 when I started taking photo of people on the street in New York

I shoot with: Canon 1DX

Street style to me is: An outfit or personal style. During fashion week, it can be how people take designer pieces and incorporate it into their outfits

Biggest pinch me moment: I haven’t really had any. But off the top of my head, I have photographed Kate Moss and that was cool

Favourite photo I’ve shot: I’ve taken so many it’s hard to say. My favorite image from the SS16 women’s season is this one: (first image) http://www.melodiejeng.com/spring-summer-16) – Stella Maxwell and Taylor Hill after Tommy Hilfiger. They’re beautiful and top models so it’s easy to like but it felt like a magical moment because the light was great and I felt like they were just posing for me in a campaign (there weren’t that many photographers there). It’s hard to get fairly clean shots of top models nowadays.

Favourite city: I don’t have one. I have lived in New York for almost eight years. It’s great and you can have everything but there is more to the world. I want to explore more

Next destination: Maybe Milan and Paris for the men’s shows and couture (pretty routine …)

Fashion Week in 3 words: I’m going to use phrases/acronyms – FML / FOMO / IDKWTFLOL – “FML” because it’s harder and harder to shoot with so many people and photographers nowadays. “FOMO” because it’s what drives me to shoot a lot of the time but I try to just focus on myself because you’er always going to miss something. “IDKWTFLOL” Because I have to laugh sometimes at what we do and the craziness of what’s going on. — MBFWA is not like that though. It’s chill and more laidback. The weather is great and the people are nice so I’m happy about that.

Daily uniform: Whatever is comfortable. Jeans, a t-shirt, jacket. A backpack when I’m working

Come evening, I like to wear: The same. I don’t go out a lot or dress up

Style muse: I like the young Italian girls right now – Diletta Bonaiuti, Gilda Ambrosio, Giorgia Tordini, etc. Georgians like Anka Tsitsishvili seem cool too

Fashion bible: Self Service

Favourite wardrobe item: I don’t have a specific one but I like jackets and coats. A good pair of jeans or a good backpack is great too

I always travel with: Camera equipment, laptop, iPhone, passport, hard drives, clothes, wallet, etc

Can’t leave the house without: iPhone, an external battery wallet, keys, water, and a camera of some sort (the iPhone counts)

Photography tip for amateurs: Just keep shooting. Learn as much as you can

Best app for photos: I share my photos on Instagram. I don’t use a lot of editing apps

Most used app: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter

Current addiction: Escaping

On staying fit: I work out with a trainer once a week and street style keeps me on my feet. I don’t particularly eat well but I try to stay hydrated

I am looking forward to: Seeing new things — art, cities, etc.

Life motto: Be positive. Do your best. Treat others like you’d want them to treat yourselves. Everything is a balance

See Melodie’s MBFWA 2016 work in the gallery below.

See more of Melodie’s work here and follow her on Instagram here.