Spend 5: Miles Wharton

Men’s fashion is having its moment. While Australia may be slow to catch on, the suit and pocket square are making their way into more daywear ensembles and helping lead the trend are fashion figures such as Miles Wharton. The man behind his very own made to measure suit business is also the creative force behind @mensfashionblogger, delivering your daily dose of fine tailoring and luxurious suits. Naturally TWAIN had to Spend 5 with Mr. Wharton.

Name: Miles Wharton

Occupation: Serial Entrepreneur

The Bespoke Corner… what makes this brand different? We focus on a great experience and service for an affordable price.

Importance of made to measure suits… Everything.. The better you look the better you feel. The better you feel the better you perform.

Who is your clientele? We have a wide range of clients from directors down to students. We mainly produce suits for business & weddings.

My inspiration comes from… Online. I follow a lot of different bloggers, tailors and take bits I like from each of them.

I would love to dress… Scott Disick

Career highlight… When one of my clients told me after his final fitting that it’s the first time he has been happy with the way he looks.

How do you manage both your blog and your business? I try to keep them very separate even though I advertise The Bespoke Corner on MFB I still work with plenty of other brands.

The blog is… Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle @mensfashionblogger www.mensfashionblogger.com

On moving to Australia…

What do you miss most about home in the UK? English bacon and my family

Style differences from the British to Aussies? Apart from being a little behind in the times. Aussies are much more relaxed and tend to all have a very similar style. Where as British style seems to be more formal and varied.

Best style advice for men… Wear clothes that fit you properly. Stop wearing t-shirts, shorts and thongs; unless you’re going to the beach.

Men’s style: what ‘not’ to do… Over complicated things. You don’t need to go out and buy lots of over priced items. Buy a few key pieces, keep your look simple, make sure the items fit perfectly and you can’t go wrong.

Your go to attire… White T-shirt, Black Ripped Jeans, Eve & Kane Driving Shoes

What’s next… We have just released a selection of Pocket Squares on The Bespoke Corner. As for new projects I can’t say too much but follow @mensfashionblogger to find out soon.