Spend 5: Rebekah Campbell- Photographer

It has been scientifically proven that around 98.2% of the world’s coolest kids reside in NYC (**Theory tested by stalking the Instagram accounts of more than 1000 emerging photographers, creatives and trendsetters while pretending to look busy and work). Case in point Rebekah Campbell.

Rebekah doesn’t do demure. She takes the kind of photos that make you stop and take a second look… sometimes even blush a little and other times she makes you wonder whether you are boring and need to add some personality to your life. The 23-year-old NYC-based photographer captures raw images inspired by beauty, youth and the emotions and feelings that came with growing up in the USA. Her skills were perfected at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where the rising star gained her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts, don’t worry we had to look it up too!). Her edgy frames and subjects have seen her collaborate with the likes of Dion Lee, Marc Jacobs, i-d Interview and W Magazine, just to name a few.

Get to know the name and spend 5 with the ultimate trendsetter….

Name: Rebekah Campbell

Occupation: Photographer

My ‘ah ha’ moment: Is there ever really an ‘ah ha’ moment in this industry? Haha

I learnt from: My father, the internet, and some professors

My aesthetic is: Dreamy, nostalgic, youthful, and a bit sad-girl sometimes

I have always admired: People who can say no to ice cream

For inspiration I: Take walks and write, make my mind stop thinking of the now and try to find something to blossom off of, be it a film or some strangers kissing on the sidewalk

I would love to work with: Lara Stone

I shoot with: A million film cameras and Canon gear

Favourite project to date: It’s difficult to choose favorites, but I always love working with friends of mine – right now it would have to be my story about female artists in New York for i-D

My next project is: Currently in the works and involves studying form, female sexuality and timidity

To prepare for a shoot I: Check off all the boxes on my to do list and run in the morning

My creativity comes from: Having somewhat good taste

Daily uniform looks like: Black and overalls and Doc Martens.

Style muse: Anna Karina and Joan Jett, depends on my mood

Currently living: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

Favourite thing to do here is: Go to upstate New York and spend time being able to breathe

Weekend nights look like: Texts saying ‘What are we up to tonight?’ and not going to sleep until 4am

On days off I enjoy: Walking around the city and getting food with friends I love

Favourite hang out: Dimes in Chinatown

Daily addiction: Iced almond milk lattes.

Celebrity crush: Marion Cotillard

Let me share a secret: I daydream a lot about what it would be like to not be taking photos for a living, where would I be?

Life motto: Use the good silver every day because every day is all there is

Follow Rebekah and her uber cool style: @RebekahCampbell