Spend 5: Reema Elassaad

birth – puberty – first kiss – uni – business – success- void – meltdown London – bender – depleted funds – waitress – China – designer – copious amount of hot pot- London – waitress (again) – Istanbul – kebab – ancient byzantine jewellery studies – kebab- life – kebab- El Minara Jewellery – To ve continued…

Look, let’s be honest, when it comes to jewellery labels they don’t come much cooler than El Minara. Why? Because the name behind the edgy, unisex line is the kind of girl who lives to go against the grain of society. You won’t find her in a boring office, oh no. And if things don’t work out the first time around, she will try even harder. A global roamer and sculptural artist, Reema has spent much of the past decade immersing herself in the art of jewellery making. Drawing on her exotic surroundings and life experiences, she creates the kind of pieces that demand attention.

Spend 5 with the artist, Reema…

Name: Reema Elassaad

Occupation: Jeweller Designer/ Sculptural Artist

My story goes: I went against societies grain… and it turned out pretty well!

Biggest pinch me moment:  Making jewellery in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

I am itching to work with:  Public School – NYC

Current city:  Sydney

But my next destination is: New York City

And I have always loved: Cheese cake

My bucket list includes: South America

Travel to me is: Air

I would love to have coffee with: Gary Vaynerchuk

I would trade a day in the life with:  Michele Lamy

Always in my fridge:  Eggplant

Never leave the house without:   10 kilos of jewellery

My go to bag is:  Currently my yoga bag

Always in that bag is:  10 kilos of jewellery

Work uniform looks like:  10 kilos of jewellery

My style is all about: Whatever I am vibin

Favourite El Minara piece: Medusa Collar and Azra Croc Collar

The every day piece: I wear on average 20 pieces a day – there isn’t an everyday piece

On my wishlist:  Black sequined adidas T-shirt dress

Most trusted brands:  None

To make a statement I:  Say it with 100% confidence – works a treat

As a kid, I would wear: My brothers umbra shorts

I used to think: Beetroot was the worst vegetable ever – I have changed my mind

Style muse: Michele Lamy

Must read:  Rumi

Must watch: Black Mirror

Playlist looks like: Currently it is a miss match between Nicholas Jaar, Michael Kiwanuka and Solange

Everyone needs to know about: Wabi Sabi- Google it!

Everyone needs to follow:  Their gut

Worst habit: Telling people I am vegan whilst eating meat and eggs – I forget I am flexitarian

My to do list includes:  Write a to do list

This year is all about:  Settling back into life in Australia and secretly planning to move a to New York City

I am looking forward to:  Becoming an adult

Life motto: A meal wasted is a meal you will never get back

Discover El Minara jewels here.