Spend 5: Sasha Benz – All My Friends Are Models Founder


If we’re really being honest, when we are not frothing over their never-ending limbs, god-given looks and pinning them to just about any inspirational board we can find, we are all a little judgy-judgy. I mean how can we ever completely understand or connect with these beautiful creatures? After all, they aren’t like the rest of us. They don’t understand the struggle of the regular 5”4 girl. They have never had to wiggle their way into size 29 jeans, have to sit through a nerve wrecking interview or go through an hour of self-inflicted pity after eating a burger. For the most part, we just assume that if you are born with Kate’s face and Giselle’s pins you are given a free pass to lives greatest jobs and pleasures.


You see, for all the love of fashion and our favourite modeling icons, we all have a very warped view of what it takes to be a model. For the most part, we completely push aside the work and dedication that goes into what is quite frankly an art form. But have we ever stopped to consider how such stereotypes affect models on the other side of the spectrum? Here at LOVE TWAIN HQ. it took a mere shoot to appreciate what really happens behind the scenes and the work involved. But what about everyone else who only ever gets to glance over and judge the finished product?

Enter Sasha Benz. The founder of cult website “All My Friends Are Models” is a woman on a mission, here to humanize beauty and break down barriers created by stereotypes. Going beyond the façade of the industry, Sasha focuses on the details not shared by the media. The ‘behind the scenes’ action, interviews and stories often left untold which show that modeling is not just about being a pretty face, no.

Naturally, we had to spend 5 with the name helping mould a new breed of fashion journalism.

Name: Sasha Benz

Occupation: Creative Director / Founder of All My Friends Are Models

My ah ha moment was: Moving to NY

A typical day for me: Depends on the city and time of year, no day is the same for me. Generally, 6am early morning hangs with my baby, mid-morning office emails and meeting with my husband to discuss our week ahead, appointments and go see with clients for AMFAM, arvo family hangs with my dog and baby, more work, maybe fit in a workout, dinner time either out for an event or cooking and couch with Oli

My team are: The best things that ever happened to AMFAM!

Career highlight: Building and launching AMFAM, and hosting the first Dinning in the Spotlight. It felt like I had really accomplished something that I knew was going to be great

Working for yourself is: Complicated, hard but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way

Current working on: Another two major events for next year, re-branding a hotel and shooting 3-4 campaigns

Model of the moment: Thylane Blondeau

My to do list includes: Everything and anything, its never ending. A combination of things for AMFAM, Surf Lodge, styling, moving cities, home maintanence, packing to travel, my baby, my dogs, my husband, my family, personal things like car, Visa’s, shopping….. the list goes on and on

Work uniform looks like: Comfortable, but stylish – always with a pair of heels close by. You never know when you will need them

Come the weekend, I wear: Exactly the same as my work uniform

On my wish list: More Balmain blazers. Can never have too many


Current city: Sydney

You will always find me hanging at: The beach (when I am not working I am either home)

Next destination: Byron, South Africa, India, NYC and Montauk in the next year

Favourite emoji: Blank straight face

I would describe myself as: A hard worker, who loves life and family. A balanced combination of work and play

However, my friends would describe me as: Wild, OCD and a little crazy

I cannot go a day without: Talking to my husband and my mum

I get bored of: My clothes. And waiting around, I have no patience

Favourite beverage: WATER!

On my bucket list: Travelling. I want to see so much more of the world

Playlist includes: Any old school Hip Hop or RNB

Most visited website: Style.com

Must follow: @AnimalRevenge

I am looking forward to: Watching my little boy grow up

Life motto: Never be afraid to try something new. Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the titanic.