Spend 5: Simmone Standing

Do you like your coffee with a shot of whisky on the side? Of course you do. You’re a LOVE TWAIN girl after all.  The kind of girl that looks to awaken her senses, takes risks and wears fashion like art. The kind of girl that looks for designers with a personal signature. Designers who aren’t afraid to push the envelope in design and aesthetic while remaining true to their ethos. Designers like Simonne Standing.

In a sea of emerging designers and names, Simmone offers personality, assertiveness and a little drama we all need in our wardrobes. Though in its infancy, her namesake label offers all the markings of a seasoned veteran. Each collection brings with it exciting new designs and fabrics while remaining true to its identity. You will never mistake Simonne’s creations for an ASOS purchase, no. But you will be stopped at least once when wearing her art worthy creations.

As one of our favourite local designers, we thought it was only natural to spend 5 with Simmone.

Name: Simmone Standing

But my nickname is: So many to pick from… my friends call me Sim… but those who have known me the longest know me as Mack

Occupation: Fashion Designer

It all started with: A desire to see beautiful people wearing a piece of my art

Career highlight: I have two… Showcasing in New York in 2015 and the moment Coco Rocha picked my garments from the runway to wear!! My birthday suit is still covered in goosebumps

My team: This year I have stepped back and simplified my team to one or two people at any one time in an attempt to clear my head (less is more). It has been a great move for my design development and looking into the future I can see stronger opportunities for bringing in new team members and interns, which is all really exciting

My design aesthetic is: I feel I try to live in the moment, no collection is the same but each collection has something (even if it isn’t obvious) from the previous collection. I love clean lines but I also like breaking them and pushing the boundaries. I guess I just like to always keep myself guessing and surprised

For inspiration I: Have coffee with friends and let they way they move, the things they talk about and the way they dress and talk about clothes inspire me… and when all else fails I pillage instagram…

Work uniform: White shirts, relaxed fit jeans and loafer slides

Come weekends, I live in: Haha my collection pieces mixed with white shirts or relaxed fit jeans!! I swear I design my collections based around this purpose

Style muse: When I am feeling down it is definitely Anna Dello Russo, she just puts a little sparkle in my day. But for daily classic chic, I just cant go past Margaret Zhang, she makes even the most detailed outfits look so effortless… she inspires people to push the boundaries

Current obsession: Ruffles and slide shoes

Current view: I miss people’s sense of individual style and the need to push the boundaries.Limitations are only for the limited

But I wish it was: A lifer… traveling the world with a paint set and my surfboard

Last dream: I keep dreaming of late about having another solo show… where will it be… what will it look like… what will I create…

Worst habit: Eating burgers

Favourite city: New York

Next destination: Fingers crossed for Paris

Travel is: Everything

Always thinking about: What am I going to make next… then where am I going to wear it…

My friends would describe me as: Creep

Last person I called: My stylist friend from Canberra, Jessica Rolfe

Last text message was from: Someone lusting after my “Wait for me” ruffle pants

On speed dial: My family

Fashion bible:  Show Details – they’re these divine books that I have a large collection of that show all of the best details up close from all the major international runways… when my mind draws a blank I pull them out

Always in my bag: Red lipstick, eyebrow shaper and a notebook

My life in 3 words: Whirlwind, crazy, eautiful

If my life was a song: Iggy Pop – Break into your heart

Or what about a book: The Asylum by Simon Doonan

I am looking forward to: What comes my way next… Sydney, Vancouver, London, New York…. who knows.

Life motto: I’m not here to help you write your story… I am writing my own, but I welcome you to come along for the ride

Photography courtesy of Shauna from Silhouettes of Chic – at Adelaide Fashion Festival.