Spend 5: Tania Debono

Tania Debono wears many hats. As the face behind one of the most recognisable and sought after typography brands in the world, The Writing, she is a trendsetter in her own right. Having inspired a plethora of similar concepts, Debono remains at the top of her game. Her edgy quotes and instantly recognisable designs have led to collaborations with global powerhouses such as Estée Lauder, Marie Claire and closer to home Adelaide’s very own hot spot, Sean’s kitchen.

Tania is also known for her creative direction and digital expertise with her very own agency Cake Services. A role which has seen her relocate to the the smoke of The Big Apple. We didn’t have to wait long to see the blonde haired pocket rocked however as Debono is back in town for the 2015 Adelaide Fashion Festival #2015AFF, because this creative genius is the mastermind behind the social and digital direction of the revamped festival. (We have all been closely following those amazing @adlfashionfest posts)

TWAIN caught up with Tania (or should we say Cake Face) while she’s in town to chat all things life, NYC and because we simply missed that signature smile and red lips.

Name: Tania Tania Tania

Occupation: Creative Director

My day doesn’t start until… I ponder the world for 10 minutes and then I wash my face

Career highlight… Being able to live and work in NYC

On moving to New York… Life is fast, but cabs are cheap

New York secret… My Thursday to Saturday office is a secret garden, they serve me butter coffee in a garden and I’ll never tell where it is

I am yet to see… Sleep No More

New York in 3 words… Knocks you around

However, I do miss… my old room-mate and Sirena Tuna ..I really miss that tuna..

Favourite city… San Francisco

I have my coffee… Double espresso

My style in 3 words… black, white and denim

On the wish list… perfect white sneaker, good WARM winter coat

Fashion faux pas… oriental sunray pleated dress

Favourite wardrobe piece… my Acne linen coat – it’s my favourite sidekick and best purchase ever

Biggest weakness… anything black, and structured

I am addicted to… licorice and red lipstick

Must follow on Instagram… @PanAndtheDream (French-Australian New Yorker with the best eye) & @C__L__O (curation central)

Next up… Sleep – maybe

Can’t go a day without… being late (sorry)

I finish my day by… working on TheWriting

Life motto… say yes, and work it out along the way

@The_Cakeface @TheWriting