Spend 5: TyLynn Nguyen, Designer

A wardrobe that makes TWAIN envious, style that is effortless yet so thought over, an instagram feed full of inspiring quotes and captions to make you ponder life, owner of her namesake intimates brand, a working mother of two (who is so evidently proud of both being a mother and building her empire). TWAIN were so eager to spend 5 with the wonder woman that is TyLynn Nguyen…

Name: TyLynn Nguyen

Occupation: Designer of TyLynn Nguyen Intimates / Model

Career highlight… Gigi Hadid wearing our Calla Slip

Why intimates? I knew I wanted to design when I was 12 years old. I would watch my mother get dressed in the finest clothes and read her fashion magazines. I saw women as blank canvas that could be transformed into anything they wanted to be through clothing. I chose lingerie as my medium because I had a teacher in college that noticed I gravitated toward small and intricate designs. She would tell me stories about how important lingerie is and how she saved her money to take a trip each year back home to her native France to shop for new intimates. She inspired my desire to start from the inside out

My brand is… Comfort. Chic. Sexuality.

My favourite piece of lingerie is.. The Rose bra

Lingerie should… Enhance your natural characteristics and be a silent confidence booster

I would love to work with… Carine Roitfeld

Every woman should…wear lingerie!

Happiness is… accepting and loving yourself.

Currently reading…Selected Verse by Federico Garcia Lorca

I am inspired by… the nostalgia of the Beverly Hills hotel, Slim Aarons, travel, and my own personal romance.

Down time to me is…a weekend getaway with my husband to places we haven’t been to before.

On my wishlist… to visit Portofino Italy

Style muse… I’m cultivating my own look – I love the late 70s and early 80s but I try to wear things that make me feel good and stand out to me. My opinion matters the most to me.

My style is… classic, tomboy but very womanly, and regal.

Work uniform… slicked back hair, nude pink lip, Oxford shirt and high waisted denim with flats.

I am obsessed with… Roses and Vintage Fur

I live in… Los Angeles

2015… you’ve been amazing. I’ve given birth to two babies my lingerie line and my son Czar. Looking forward to the coming months!!

Life motto… live your dreams, no one can stop you!