Spend 5: Vicki Lee

Vicki Lee. The artist whose Instagram account you stalk when you want to gain a lesson or two on doing life right. In the perfectly curated account of her favourite works, family moments, inspiration and those envious happy snaps with bestie Mrs. Worthington, Vicki Lee provides a bottomless pit of inspiration. Because like her art, Vicki’s life looks and reads like a fairytale…

Swapping her books for a paintbrush, the former law student caved to her creative juices a few summers ago and has never looked back. Since meeting her partner, photographer Ted O’Donnell, at a supermarket (yes really these things actually happen) the two have been collaborating to create sweet art and a gorgeous little human, who has become one of Vicki’s biggest sources of inspiration.

We had to know more so we spent 5 with our personal favourite artist, Vicki Lee…

Name: Vicki Lee

Occupation: Artist

It all started when: I got my hands on crayons and glue as a toddler

I learnt from: Every sensory experience I’ve ever had since I was born

I am inspired by: Energy. especially the energy held in nature

My aesthetic is: Moving

I would love to work with: Ben Quilty

Next project: Ted and I are working on our next exhibition, which will include nudes as well as flowers and I’m also working on a solo exhibition of paintings

Favourite city: Paris. So cliche but I can’t help myself

Next destination: Deep in the Australian desert

Travel to me is: Essential movement to remain internally harmonious and still

On being a mum: Best cure for a self indulgent mind

Most rewarding experience to date: Becoming a mum

Balancing work / mum life: I call it my deconstructed life. When I’m with my baby, I don’t work. When I’m working, I’m working. I like to keep them separate

Daily uniform: One colour, different tones

I have my eyes on: My man, he’s so hot!

Style muse: Old ladies that strut around town in the best embroidered cardigans and glitter shoes and so much make up

I can’t go a day without: Kisses from my baby. And a 3/4 long black

Everyone needs: Self respect

Best piece of advice given: It all passes in the end, don’t worry about it

Always stalking on Instagram: Justin Beiber

Most used app: Whatsapp talking to family and friends around the globe

On speed dial: My dad. he is the best

Season of choice: Spring. how can you not love the phase of fruition

Favourite cuisine: Korean food

Guilty pleasure: Too many to name one

Best beauty tip: Be happy

Home decor looks like: Natural grain on acid

Morning mantra: Keep it delicious

I am looking forward to: Getting back into my painting studio this afternoon

Life motto: The senses are there to enjoy

Discover the work of this power couple here.
Follow Vicki Lee and her cute little family here: @VickiLeeLee