Spend 5: Yasmin Suteja

In an age of the ‘insta-famous’, Culture Machine has emerged to help navigate through the bathroom selfies and mirror outfit posts to bring you curated content created by creatives for the creative. Because in a rabbit hole of never ending talent, the days of taking outfit posts with your iPhone in a bid to quit your day jobs are numbered ladies. When it comes to content, what the masses want is to be engaged, to be moved, to be inspired and they want quality. Heck if we’re going to skip reading our magazines to flick through a blog or Instagram, we expect to see the same creativity poured into each collaboration.

As the relationship between brands and influencers grows, Yasmin Suteja has stepped in to provide a creative services agency which builds a bridge between the product and each talent’s vision. Specialising in photography and film, Suteja helps create fresh, original and engaging content by putting together the right team of photographers, videographers, makeup artists and everything in between. Each collaboration celebrates the many facets of talent both in front of and behind the lens to put the right creative juices behind each image and video created. Forget a tripod and your favourite net-a-porter purchase because try as we may, we ain’t all Margaret Zhang.

Here we spend 5 with the enigmatic name behind one of the fastest growing creative service agencies – photographer, talent agent and Creative Director, Yasmin Suteja.

Name: Yasmin Suteja

Current city: Sydney

Occupation: Photographer / Director / Agent / Manager @ Culture Machine

My work entails: Pitching concepts and treatments to clients, developing and maintaining talent portfolio and social media accounts, connecting talent with appropriate clients, photography, creative direction

It began when: I started Culture Machine as a Tumblr in a hotel room in Vegas

Biggest pinch me moment: Working for Billabong USA in Hawaii! And turning 25 over there

I’d love to work with: Beyonce

Currently working on: A TV series with my brother

Work uniform looks like: Levis jeans, belt, white t shirt, doc martens, tote bag

My wardrobe staples: My favourite pair of Levis that fit like a glove

Favourite outfit: I’ve been outfit repeating this whacky outfit I put together a few weeks ago. Vintage long sleeve sheer top with wrist frills, layered underneath my boyfriend’s overtisize Harley shirt, tucked into light blue Levis with raw hem

I cannot throw out: My jeans haha I love jeans

I need to get my hands on: Some more colour! I’ve started being adventurous with colour and need to fill my wardrobe

Designer to watch: Thursday Sunday

To make a statement I: Cut all my hair off

Growing up, I’d wear: White on white

I cringe at the thought of: My crochet days

Worst habit: Messy! I have a perpetual ‘floor’drobe

What people don’t expect: That I’m really short and have miniature feet

I’d love to be penpals with: Johnny Depp

Favourite emoji: Salsa dancer

Next destination: Bali > London

Favourite city: I haven’t been to many major cities yet. After living in Bali for 3 years I’ve fallen back in love with Sydney

First impressions are: People often tell me that I seem ‘intimidating’ online but that I’m really goofy in real life haha

I’ll never forget: My childhood growing up in Bali

The ultimate love story is: Kat & Patrick (10 Things I Hate About You)

Biggest life lesson:  Learn to forgive

Most visited website: nowness.com

Addicted to: Almond milk latte

Worst technology habit: Staying up until 3am editing / emailing

New years resolution: Get back into music

I am looking forward to: Going to London in March for the first time!

Life motto: Cliche but… do what you love and find a way to make it a career

Follow her world: @YasminSuteja