The List: 5 legitimate reasons to spend a week’s worth of grocery money on a scarf

Considering investing in a quality scarf? Well, friend, we are here to push you over the ledge. You see, while splurging $200+ on an otherwise inconspicuous piece of silk may seem crazy to some (mainly your other half) but for the fashion lover, we know there is much more to the story. It’s not about the price tag but about being part of the bigger picture. It’s about knowing that the accessory you wear so proudly around your neck was not mass produced in a far away factory to be worn by every second girl walking down the street, no. It was handcrafted using the most luscious of silks and designed as a piece of art to be worn proudly.

But just in case that story doesn’t stick when your significant other is served a bowl of ramen noodles for dinner, here are 5 very legitimate reasons to spend a week’s worth of grocery money on a scarf

Technically you are saving money because investing in a scarf that will last the distance means that you can use it as a belt too. You see those $900 Gucci jeans are totally unnecessary when you can tie your $400 Gucci scarf around your $40 Zara jeans. You should really be commended for saving skills.

Paris Fashionweek day 5, outside Chloé, Pernille Teisbaek,

It’s not a scarf; it’s a piece of art honey. You see, while your ordinary $10 polyester design will give you a summer of pretending to be Parisian, a quality silk scarf will offer the option of being framed and hung as your pride and joy. Some limited edition Hermes scarves are auctioned off as art so you would be crazy not to really. Add the cherry to your argument by finding out who designed the artwork for your scarf, because we can tell you know, the answer won’t be etsy.

It’s good for the environment. I mean if Trump won’t crusade for the next generation because he is too busy comparing Pittsburgh to Paris, you can make sure you do your part by saying no to mass produced products and saying yes to handmade, quality items. Ivana Scarves, we are looking at you. A design that is both Australian owned and made, using 100% luscious Italian silk. Well, how could one say no…

It’s neck candy for that expensive bag you are still paying off. Now your significant other may be thinking – how could you possibly justify splurging on a scarf when your Celine bag cost you your right kidney? Well, because how could you possibly tie polyester around your Italian pebbled leather bag. It’s criminal really. And if that argument doesn’t suffice, just promise to swear off jewellery for a while. You can wear your scarf around your ankles and arms after all.

If the first four points fail, you can always offer to share your mint new investment with your significant other. I mean how could he possibly question your life choices when you let him borrow your Rockins or Ivana Scarf and help him release his inner Harry Styles or Johnny Depp. You can even promise to keep it a secret between you two (and all your Instagram followers).