The List: 5 reasons to love coffee (even more!)

Let’s talk dirty.

When it comes to words that excite, forget 50 Shades Of Grey, we’re all about 50 shades of black. Ristretto, yes please! Double shot of espresso following 3 hours of sleep, is there anything more thrilling really? And let’s not forget Café au lait. One cannot underestimate the pleasure of finally figuring out how to order a coffee with a dash of milk in Paris.

If you really want to find your way to our heart, talk to us in coffee terms. If you haven’t joined the worldwide coffee lovers tribe, we are here to lure you in. Here are the 5 very real reasons you should be starting (or pursuing) your love affair with coffee and eliminating decaf from your vocabulary.

You’re not a wine connoisseur… 

First dates are smooth sailing until the cute boy with the curly hair and trendy glasses starts discussing the wine you randomly pointed to because all you know is that you prefer a red over white. He asks you what notes are coming through and the only thing you can think of is your Byredo perfume so you explain that you can taste a vivacious, woody scent laced with bursts of citrus, incense, pine and orris. We suggest avoiding looking wine illiterate at least until the second date. Head out for a coffee and blow his mind with your knowledge of coffee blends instead. If he’s not a coffee drinker, well you just saved yourself from a failed second date. We also know wine makes us talk too much. Stay classy ladies.

It’s the perfect excuse to perv on the cute coffee boy… 

Now if you’re an old school romantic and would prefer to tell your grandchildren you bonded with grandpa over coffee and not Tinder then the local coffee shop could be the answer to all your single woman prayers. Some cues to follow. If he hasn’t remembered your name and order by the third visit then he is not for you. We also suggest not cramming all three orders into one day. If he makes a mean ristretto, he could be the one ladies.

It’s just as good on your face…

Now come on get your head out of the gutter. Surely by now you have heard about all the benefits of a coffee scrub! Packed full of natural antioxidants, coffee grounds will exfoliate the skin sans all the unnecessary chemicals added to commercial scrubs. Before our morning coffee, we cover ourselves with the THANKYOU Botanical Geranium and Rosewood Coffee Body Scrub. Why? Because it’s not only made from fair trade coffee and cold-pressed macadamia oil, but it has helped fund water and sanitation programs for over 450,000 people around the world. Talk about a feel-good start to the day.

It’s scientifically proven to be good for you… 

Look we’re not here to dispute the finer details like whether you should be having 2 cups of coffee a day or ten. Let’s not get too specific here. However what we do know is that coffee, unlike smoking, can actually be really good for you. Not only is it scientifically proven to lower the risk of type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it is also shown to increase physical performance by as much as 12%. This is why you will find coffee a key ingredient in many sports drinks and bars. Now, we could take that 12% and really up our running game. We, however, like to take the more practical approach. You see since coffee will already give us an upper hand, we will just consider our Saturday morning walk to the coffee shop as the equivalent of a run.

It makes you a nicer person and will cure just about any problem. 

Do you ever think world leader’s would be at war with eachother if they just held their meetings in cafes instead of boardrooms. I mean, we should really question if Trump has his morning grind. Perhaps less Twitter and more double shot espressos would do the trick. You see coffee really does make you a nicer person.

Bad day? That’s ok just have a coffee. Pissed someone off? That’s ok just take them a coffee. You pissed me off? That’s also fine, just bring me coffee. Want to date me? Bring me a coffee. Tired? Have a coffee. Bored? Have a coffee? It is an all round cure for just about anything and is proven to make you 98% more pleasant. ***According to past experience.