The List: 5 shoes that made us reconsider the kitten heel

Kitten heels, about as useful as a two-step ladder or opaque tights. I mean really, sure they will lift you about 3.5cm off the ground but they won’t get you any closer to the illusion of those Giselle pins and calves you desire. In fact, if we’re really being honest, we consider them the equivalent of square-toed shoes for men, only be worn in cases of severe emergencies like a 90’s themed party or a house fire.

Now that our Kanye-worthy rant it over, it’s time to eat our words. You see, while the mere name has made our skin crawl for the better part of the last decade, kitten heels are starting to grow on us. Ironic much? With the likes of Fendi and Loewe attaching useless little stumps to otherwise immaculate works of art for our feet, it’s becoming increasingly hard to say no. And while every logical part of our brain knows that only Gigi and Kendall can withstand the unflattering nature of the kitten, here we share the 5 shoes working in overtime to make their way into our wardrobes and hearts…

The Flirt

When it comes to matters of fashion and the heart, the equation is usually very simple. Pink plus kitten heel equates to not now, not ever, or so we thought. That was until a little Pierre Hardy design crawled its way into our hearts through a relentless stream of street style photos which saw some of the world’s most fashion-forward women fall for the perfect cat eyed charmer.

Shattering the trend of the higher the better, the coveted Pierre Hardy ‘Oh Roy’ appliquéd design broke the very DNA of what a sexy heel meant. The pointy toe design manages to elongate the legs and add attitude to any ensemble sans a side of hip pain and blisters, all the while paying homage to the work of iconic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. How can one say no!

The modern day witch

How does one describe the Proenza Schouler ‘grommet heel’ without investing a short paragraph towards its perfectly curved, mirrored heel? I mean you can even excuse its 4cm stature, because what it lacks in height it more than makes up for in design. We like to refer to it as the contemporary witch heel, the type that would be featured in Hocus Pocus the Vogue edition. Now when Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez sent this piece of art down the runway, modern grommets, suede straps and all, we know they had Cuba not witches in mind. But heck these shoes have cast a spell on us so severe that we could cough up a nice 4 figure sum for a 4cm slice of the action.

The Karl effect

Why even question Karl’s ability to take the least favored fashion child and place it at the top of every parent’s wish list! Let’s combine a kitten heel with some slightly droopy yet lovable bug eyes to produce a $1200 sling back heel that will leave even the biggest stiletto devotee looking to make a purchase. We liken it to the high school underachiever that ended up in med school. All it takes is the good guidance right?!

Featuring a leg slimming, pointed toe design, the Fendi slingback has left us looking to inject the kitten heel into our wardrobes without having to explain why we have swallowed our kitten-hating words.

Look as always… KARL made us do it! …

The modern glass slipper

The J. W. Anderson embellished kitten heel is the closest thing you will get to a modern day Cinderella moment because at $2200, you better hope prince charming is sliding it onto your foot. Offering a contemporary take on the usually demure nature of the kitten heel, the coveted J.W. Aderson design has taken prime position in the wardrobes of some of the world’s most celebrated fashion mavens and we can’t help but want a piece of the action. I mean when the shoe looks this good and you can run from one runway show to the next without breaking a sweat, it becomes the logical option really.

The trendsetter

From the label that launched a thousand bucket bag trends and copies comes the 50s inspired kitten heel that would have made most of us shudder a year ago, but as we know all too well, a lot can change in 12 months. I mean in fashion terms it’s more like light years really. Presenting a modern take on your grandma’s favourite shoe, the Mansur Gavriel heel slipper is so perfectly refined that it’s a statement in itself. Available in both suede and Italian calf leather, it’s the type of shoe that Audrey Hepburn would have snatched up in every colour. What makes these babies THE must have design of the season is their ability to take your boyfriend jeans and tee combination from the same old whisky to a whisky sour. I mean, all ensembles need a little attitude after all.