Locals: Anna Brocklebank, 32.4 designer, London

Anna Brocklebank is the name behind our go-to delicates jewellery label 32.4. Producing perfectly crafted, delicate pieces that are anything but basic, Anna has been a celebrated designer amongst Australian circles for some time now. Naturally, we knew it wouldn’t be long before she spread her wings and moved to conquer the International market. Having moved to London just a little over a month ago, we needed to know what ‘the designer to watch’ has been getting up to. Because, let’s be honest, we have all dreamt of packing up our bags at one point or another and heck, if we can’t do it, we’ll live vicariously through someone who has. So here is what you need to know about LONDON and where the cool kids hang.


Name: Anna Brocklebank

Occupation: Designer

Current city: London

I have lived here for… At the time of writing this, 44 days!

I moved here because… the buzz, a new adventure, the opportunities this city has to offer

Career highlight here: We have just launched our Core Collection Part 01, I feel like this and the next collection have really grasped the 32.4 aesthetic and where I want to take the brand. It has also been incredible how supportive my Australian base and stores have been.

Favourite thing to do: For sunny work days: take work to one of my favourite locals, Tiosk or La Bouche. For weekends: Wander shops and galleries, feast at markets, cocktails with friends.

Must visit: V&A Museum, a walk through Hyde Park

For an authentic meal: Sunday Roast at Hunter S. Or more upmarket at Hill & Szrok – a butcher that turns into a modern cookshop at night.

For fine dining: Bistrotheque on a Saturday for brunch. Go around 11.30.

For a hard earned beverage: Sager & Wilde or Satans Whiskers

Easiest way of getting around: Walking if you can. Tube if you can’t.

The fashion here is: Black, layers and sneakers. It’s considered but a little edgy – people aren’t afraid to wear what they want.

For thrift shopping: Beyond Retro in Dalston

For local designers: Around Shoreditch, on Red Church St. there are some nice little boutiques.

For high end shopping: Goodhood store is a favourite. For more high end Dover St. Market is incredible and Rose bakery has just moved in above it. Liberty’s London is also great – department stores are of a different league here…

You need to stay: Ace Hotel in Shoreditch

Hidden gems: Maltby St market

This city in 3 words: Eclectic, exciting, on edge


Discover 32.4 here.