Locals: Astrid Ericsson, Milan

Astrid Ericsson – Swedish born, Milan based. A model with cheekbones for days. Quite frankly it was those cheekbones that caught TWAIN’s attention – and our love for European cities. Here, she takes us all into the world of Milan through the eyes of a model, living and fulfilling her dream in the fashion capital of Italy.  

Name: Astrid Johanna Gunnel Ericsson

Occupation: Model, influencer, student

Current city: Milano

I have lived here for: the past 3.5 years’. Ive been spending most of my free time in Milano. I live in my suitcase but here I feel at home

I live here because… Italians do it better haha

Career highlight here.. is of course; yet to come

What you might not expect about Milan… Milano is a big city on the world map; for the  fashion and as a touristic city. However it behaves like a small city in the sense that everyone knows everything about everyone. It can be annoying at times but when you choose to live here you accept it and… the bright side of it, is that it makes it easy to make new acquaintances (if you behave)

Favourite thing to do… Everything…at the same time

Must visit… Duomo! If you didn’t lay an eye on this incredible piece of historical architecture.. You haven’t been to Milan

For an authentic meal.. For an authentic Swedish meal… I go to restaurant Björk and sit down at the bar counter. For an authentic Italian meal I go to restaurant Dongió – m ake sure to book in advance

For fine dining… Why not skip the fine dine and have a fine ape (aperitivo) instead? My suggestion: Bulgari or Sushi B

For a hard earned beverage… that would be a tea for me! Or a sweetened soya latte macchiato! With a view… at Terazza 12

I seldom drink alcohol but if I did… I would spend my evenings at Nottingham Forest until having tasted through all of the drink menu. This place practises molecular mixology and therefore the presentation of each drink is an experience in itself

Easiest way of getting around… Metro, tram, bus! Search the fastest route on Google Maps and compare with how long it takes to walk.



The fashion here is… here and there!

For thrift shopping… Start at Piazza Oberdan, more commonly known as Porta Venezia, and work your way up through the shops of Corso Buenos Aires. Famous for its high concentration of clothing shops it is like a commercial center along one street. Here you find many of the international chains like H&M, Zara, Mango, Footlocker. The good thing about this street is that it never seams to get as packed with people as the shopping area around Duomo; Corso Vittorio Emmanuele and Via Torino. Another good thing is that you can have lunch at the vegan restaurant Alhambra where you compose your own dish. You order over the counter and pay accordingly to how much it weights. Bonus: that the tea is included in the meal price!

For high end shopping… There is nothing that compares to via Monte Napoleone! Stop and have a traditional coffee at Cova or a soya latte macchiato at Marchesi. I adore the high glass that they serve the latest mentioned coffee in. (That as much as that the first time I were there I went back just to find out that the glass is signed Collevilca). However if you´d like to buy chocolates; T´a Milano is the place to go. Buy yourself a treat, a gift to bring back home, or get inspired to book a table for dinner as you find out that they have chocolate ravioli on the menu.

For local designers… As many of the local designers are huge on the international scene you find them where you find the high end shopping. However, If you are looking to buy something really special that will always remind you about your trip… I would rather visit the dream vintage boutique: Il Salotto di Mirella Denti (for the bags and accessories). You will for sure find something you want.. (even if the prices might wake you up from your dream).

You need to stay… crash! at a friends place! Or book your stay at the charmy hotel The Yard. Like that you can easily stroll the cosy area of Navigli. Especially a nice place to be when the sky change colour over the water of the channels – in the morning and the evening/night.

Hidden gems… Depends a on the season.. but anyway haha, those I believe I have to keep for myself.

This city in 3 words… Benvenuto/a, amici, amore (welcome here, friends, love) 

The places mentioned:

Björk (Swedish restaurant): Via Panfilo Castaldi, 20, 20124 Milano

Dongió (Italian restaurant): Via Bernardino Corio, 3, 20135 Milano

Bulgari (Hotel): Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7b, 20121 Milano

Sushi B: Via Fiori Chiari 1, 20121 Milano

Terazza 12 (restaurant/coffee bar): The Brian & Barry Building San Babila, Via Durini 28, 20122 Milano

Nottingham Forest (Bar practising Molecular Mixology): Viale Piave 1, 20129 Milano

Cova (Coffee bar): Via Monte Napoleone 8, 20121 Milano

Marchesi (Coffee bar): Via Monte Napoleone 9, 20121 Milano

T’a Milano – Store & Bistrot:  Via Clerici 1, 20121 Milano 

Alhambra (vegan ristorant): Via S. Gregorio 17, 20124 Milano

Il Salotto di Mirella Denti (Vintage store): Via Palermo 5, 20121 Milano

The Yard (Hotel): Piazza XXIV Maggio 8, 20123 Milano