Locals: Jacques Burga, Paris

Paris SOCIAL Diary covers the kind of events you daydream of scribbling all throughout your non-existent Smythson diary.  Chanel runway show here, Caroline De Maigret interview there – all the while running around the city of style and love looking like you stepped off the pages of a Gucci campaign. Not your kind of dream? Well… how the heck did you make your way onto LOVE TWAIN?

While for most of us mere mortals Paris remains a backdrop and mood board of never ending inspiration, some are lucky enough to call the world’s fashion capital their own private playground. One of these people is Jacques Burga, the man bringing you one step closer to all the action in very real time. As the founder of digital magazine Paris SOCIAL Diary, Burga has created a portal which publishes all the latest news in culture, art, fashion, beauty, food, travel and lifestyle from the heart of Paris and other fashionable capitals of the world allowing you to be ‘Susie know it all’ in very real time.

Who better to talk Paris hot spots with than the man who has access to the best of the best. A must read and stalk before your next Parisian trip…

Name: Jacques Burga

Occupation: Director and Editor-in-Chief, Paris SOCIAL Diary

Current city: Right now I am in Paris. I travel a lot between Paris, New York and Peru. I do Milan often, as well

I have lived here for: I’ve always been back and forth. I like to focus on my work and switch cities so that I optimize my time in each city I am in that moment

I live here because: Why not? I find it very emotionally and professionally healthy

Career highlight here: I was featured on US Harper’s Bazar during Paris Fashion Week, between the 10 things to know about the Chanel Spring 2017 show in Paris

Hidden gems: People in Paris have to know MANKO PARIS very well, a super cool Peruvian restaurant whose chef is Gaston Acurio. Also MANKO PARIS has the MANKO CABARET, managed by genius duo Emanuele D’orazio and Marc Zaffuto. Every weekend is awesome!

What you might not expect about this city: In Paris ,you will always find the perfect balance between the right amount of attitude but also freshness and a “keep it real” feeling. All mixed.

Favourite thing to do here: Going for a walk alone at night, is something I enjoy a lot in places I know very well

Must visit: La Mano is also a hidden club to dance alternative cool music

For an authentic meal: Any brasserie will be the best to have an authentic meal.

For fine dining:  Manko, Peruvian food – it is incredibly different and delicious

For a hard earned beverage: Manko, Peruvian drinks

Happy hour must try: Hotel Amour – it is incredibly different and delicious.

Easiest way of getting around: The metro – saves you plenty of time

The fashion here is: what you find at every corner, from bars to people and museums

For thrift shopping: Le Marais is the place where the impossible becomes real

For designer shopping: I enjoy Merci

For local designers:YOU MUST LOVE SÉZANE by Morgane Sezalory, Courréges and Beau Souci

This city in 3 words: Purity, heritage, style

Must stay: Hotel La Reserve – a hidden logement space to stay

Neighborhood everyone must visit: 6ème arr

To hang with the locals, visit: Rive Gauche – it is the heart of Parisian identity

Follow Jacques and his life in Paris here: @JacquesBurga