Locals: Kate Davis, DJ, Los Angeles

Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man… 

When it comes to dream destinations, our obsession with LA would have to be on par with our obsession with Paris. Now we are well aware that the two are like chalk and cheese but hear us out. Blame it on ‘Almost Famous’ or one of the many artists we love to stalk on a regular basis but LA just has us. A melting pot of art, culture, fashion, music and good vibes, it’s the kind of place where anything goes and everything is within reach. It also happens to be a city where vibes are hidden behind dark windows and inconspicuous buildings. Blink and you will miss the most sought after restaurant or club. Now, we would hate for you to visit the City of Angels and miss out on all the fun, so we have found a local to help direct you in the right direction. And we’re not talking celebrity tour bus operator, no. We’re talking resident Nice Guy spinner, DJ Kate Davis. 

You are welcome.

Name: Kate Davis

Occupation: Music Spinner, Art Director

Current city: LA

I have lived here for: 13 years

I moved here because: I loved the feeling the city gave me, and the people I instantly met

Career highlight here: Spinning for the Getty Family

What you might not expect: Get past “Hollywood”, dig a bit deeper, and you’ll discover all the culture and sub cultures going on in the city. We also have an incredible array of some of the most authentic and colorful food from all over the world

Favourite thing to do: Skateboard down Hollywood Boulevard at night or drive down PCH any day, with good music on deck

Must visit: Malibu Soho House

For an authentic meal: Jitlada in Thai Town

For fine dining: Madeo or Bouchon

For a hard earned beverage: Chateau Marmont or Sunset Tower

For a night out, visit: Go dancing at Tenants of the Trees or Friend bar

Easiest way of getting around: Uber

The fashion here is: Whatever you want it to be, casual and cool

For thrift shopping: Silverlake

For local designers: Venice or West Hollywood

For high end shopping: Maxfield

You need to stay at: The Chateau Marmont or The Beverly Hills Hotel

Neighbourhood to visit: Venice, West Hollywood, Silverlake

Hidden gems: You get taken to in the moment, not told to go to

This city in 3 words: City of angels

Hot tip in LA: Keep it real and be nice

To hang with the locals, visit: Fairfax

Best coffee spot: Coffee Coffee on Fairfax

Best spot to people watch: La Poubelle on Franklin

Follow the life of Kate: @ItsKateDavis