Pack: Samantha Wills

Samantha Wills. If you haven’t rocked her luxe bohemian jewellery pieces, then chances are you have stalked her Instagram page or both (guilty!). The Australian-born, NYC-based designer behind one of the most recognisable jewellery labels in the world knows a thing or two about travel. When she is not taking over NYC one meeting at a time or revelling in one of her many dreamy Island escapes, she is travelling  to and from Sydney, in style. Spend a moment on her Instagram page and you will have an instant case of wanderlust. With an innate eye for the beautiful, the soulful and the worldly, her life like her craft embodies the true essence of a global roamer. So with our own overseas adventures approaching, we decided to talk ‘travelling in style’ with the ultimate bohemian babe.

The bag: My trusty monogrammed Louis Vuitton travel bag goes everywhere with me when I travel!

Bare essentials: My 7 year old leather jacket that has travelled the world with me.

Go to shoes: Travelling for me is comfort – you will almost always catch me in my Nike sneakers.

… but when I step off the plane it’s all about: I’m a sucker for a boot, my favourites are the Chloe, Susanna, but if I’ve just flown into a Sydney Summer sandals are my go-to!

Beauty List: Cilk Rose Water – a beauty drink supplement made from rose essence which makes my skin glow from the inside out.

Scent: The Gypsy Water parfum from Byredo Parfums, I’m obsessed!

The lifesavers: My laptop, this baby means I can work anywhere in the world in any timezone (thank you technology!) those extra hours of work I get done on the plane often mean a bit of extra time exploring a city.

Book of choice:  In flight is the perfect time to catch up on inspiration, magazines provide the perfect medium for this so when I’m traveling they are often my number 1 read.

Soundtrack goes a little like: A little Taylor Swift, a little John Mayer, a little Justin Bieber (guilty!)

Headphones: Frends Layla Rose Gold headphones – combining practical with feminine luxe!

Never without: my iPhone (we live in a digital age you know!) and my LV diary, because I literally still handwrite everything.

My last destination was: Tulum, Mexico. The ultimate bohemian destination, if you haven’t been, you need to put it on your list – you’re the only thing standing between you and endless margaritas!

My next destination will be: Sydney, heading home to catch up with Team SW.

On the hit list: I mean a European Summer is something special but last year I did a completely off the radar trip to Costa Rica which was incredible, that corner of the world is definitely enticing!

Pre-travel ritual: Triple checking my luggage to ensure I have everything I need, and enough SW jewellery to get me through the days!

Post-travel ritual: Exercise for me is the perfect post travel ritual, it kick starts your routine and clears the mind – it’s particularly useful after downing way too many tacos (which I had to learn the hard way!)

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