Pack: Sonny Vandevelde

Backstage; our second favourite word right next to Gucci. While the rise of bloggers has arguably given us all a front-row pass to some of the hottest fashion shows around the world, we’re more about those behind the scenes vibes that give us all the feels. Here at LOVE TWAIN HQ, we will swap you your VIP seat for a sneak peek behind the curtain any day. This is why Sonny Vandevelde is our kind of guy for you see he captures all those magical, adrenaline inducing backstage feels one wickedly delicious frame at a time.

With a well-established resume in fashion photography, collaborating with various brands and magazines, it is Sonny’s backstage work that has landed his name on the lips of some of fashion’s most celebrated names in recent times. Distinctly individual, vibrant and emotive, his frames capture the very essence of the backstage action so vividly you feel like you are thrust right into the midst of the magic. One of the reasons Sonny was the only photographer allowed backstage at Chanel AW1516 show and why his works regularly feature in fashion bibles V Magazine, Grazia, Vogue and beyond.

Always on the move, Sonny spends about as much time on a plane as behind the lens. Naturally, we knew he was our go-to for travelling in style.

Name: Sonny Vandevelde

Occupation: Fashion Photographer

The bag: My trusty KJP camera bag with roller wheels, just small enough to fit in overhead compartment, and just big enough to house my camera bodies and trusty lenses

Bare essentials: Laptop, small container of shampoo and conditioner for a shower during quick stop over ( don’t like the combined shampoo/conditioner provided in lounge showers- I know princess right ! )

Go to shoes: Blundstones, tough, durable, comfy and they don;t look too bad either

… but when I step off the plane it’s all about: Thongs and barefoot at the beach (in Australia)

The lifesavers: Change of underwear and socks for after shower

Book of choice: No books, catch up on tv shows and read TIME magazine

Soundtrack: That has to be one of the hardest questions as I listen too such much music, I have about 30 music sites on my RSS feed, so am always downloading new music and DJ mixes, for example, for Dance or residential advisor, seek sick sound, more alternative secret thirteen, or balearic, testpressing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Headphones: I am loving my new Bose noise cancelling headphones I got about a year ago

Never without: Passport and camera

My last destination was: Paris

My next destination will be: Milan

On the hit list: Maldives, Mentawais and looking forward to going back to Fiji and Tahiti

Pre-travel ritual: Nervously packing and making sure I have all the right chargers for the different batteries etc…

Post-travel ritual: Sleep and eat local cuisine

Travel is: Still enjoyable even though majority is work related

Favourite city: Tough one, pretty much all the cities I frequent are awesome during summer months, Sydney still tops the list, then Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, New York – but who needs cities, I’d rather be on a big boat sitting of some remote island with a perfect telling left hander ( wave )

Home town: Avalon Beach – Australia