Locals: Tania Debono, New York City

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own personal tour guide of NYC? Now we’re not talking about your regular same old tour guide, no. Because the TWAIN reader doesn’t travel to hang with other tourists. We’re talking about an artist and creative, the kind of girl you spend hours stalking on Instagram and wonder why you never made the move to NYC yourself. The effortlessly cool girl who wears red lipstick like a boss and when she is not busy attending gallery openings she is sipping on good coffee (and she knows GOOD coffee) while people watching and getting inspired. This girl is Tania DeBono aka The Cake Face aka The Writing and she is about to give you the ultimate guide to NYC.

… because we want you to live like a local and get inspired when you visit.

Name: Tania Debono

Occupation: Creative

Current city: New York

I have lived here for… 1 year (I think)

I moved here because… 50% opportunity/it’s NY! 80% for a boy (kidding, but not really)

Career highlight here: Recently working/collaborating with Vogue Korea

What you might not expect… I prefer Whiskey over Wine 🙂

Favourite thing to do: Roam, make new friends, walk everywhere, explore, eat Japanese and drink wine on tables outside and be inspired by everything.

Must visit: All the galleries uptown and finish eating cake at Cafe Sabarsky (<3) The Apartment by The Line and The Judd House on Spring and Mercer

For an authentic meal: Lucali’s Pizza in Carrol Gardens is the best pizza IN THE WORLD, and Kiki’s is the best Greek food in all of NY!

For fine dining: The Waverly Inn – save your $ and order the $120 Mac & Truffle Cheese main… the chef delivers it to your table while slicing fresh truffle straight on it

For a hard earned beverage: Downstairs at Lovely Day, on Elizabeth St.

Easiest way of getting around: Walk > subway > uber

The fashion here is: Whatever you want to be on any given day

For thrift shopping: Brooklyn.. or eBay is my (not so) secret weapon

For local designers: Soho / LES

For high-end shopping: Bergdorfs, Jeffrey’s

You need to stay: The Bowery Hotel, pretend you’re a fallen star, and drink your poison whilst people watching, or The Soho Grand is ALWAYS a good time.

Hidden gems: Nothing here stays hidden for long, but I love finding the best authentic ‘real’ NY places on the Upper West Side at the moment

New York City in 3 words: BF / Worst Enemy